Project Scope Statement Template

It is usually a theory that includes the scope and outcomes of a project as a company wants to make sure that they are going to produce a successful product and the document that provides a detailed report about the scope of the project is known as the project scope statement.

Brief Description:

A business or company puts a lot of assets at risk while executing a new project including resources, men power, and finances and if there is no way to find out if the results will be according to the assumptions or not, it is not a good thing to execute the project. To make sure that the outcomes of a project are according to what the company has assumed, a detailed report is prepared by the marketers and it’s known as the project scope statement.

Elements that are included in a Project Scope Statement:


The justification of a project can be defined in many ways but in simple words, it’s the reason for executing a project. When a company starts a new project, there are many things that are at stake with the new project including; resources, finances, manpower, time, and credibility of the company in the market thus it is quite necessary that before starting a new project, the project management describes the needs of the project for the company and the reasons of why it’s necessary for the company to execute the project despite of so many risks.

Project scope description:

This is usually described as the results that the project will produce in the future. Usually, it includes the products or services, their reception, and the results after introducing something new in the market. A company needs to know if the product they are about to produce will be well received in the market and if it will generate any revenue for the company or not and this part of the project scope statement defines that.

The possible reaction of the market regarding the project:

It is quite simple and clear from the title that this element of a project scope statement includes the possible outcome of the product or service along with the reception in the market. With this theory or assumption, the project manager makes sure that they are going to produce a successful product and if figures show that there might be a problem; changes can be easily made before starting the production process.

The success ratio for the project:

Usually, this factor or element is described in between the other elements but sometimes a project scope statement also includes the success ratio as a separate element in the report. This element provides a forecast about the project’s success or failure of the project and if the company finds out that there are more risks in the project, it can stop it or make useful changes in time.

Project development scope in the future:

Suppose a company is going to produce a new product. In that case, there will definitely be some developments in the production in the future and the project scope statement includes the development theory for the project so that the company makes sure that there are possibilities for the project to have some development in the future.

Free Project Scope Statement Template:

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