Project Progress Report Template

The most crucial thing while working on a project is its successful completion. The client would always prefer to have its project completed on time and not face any kind of delay. This requires the project managers to handle every detail of the project with careful consideration and in a swift manner. In order to accomplish this, project managers make use of the best project management tools. These tools do not only include time management but also budget planning. However, these tools are only for the project manager’s comfort. The major stakeholder of the project is, of course, the client who needs to stay updated constantly regarding the progress of his pet project.

Project Progress Report Template:

Here is the preview of a Free Project Progress Report Template created using MS Word.


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Creating Project Progress Report:

The Project Progress Report should be at least created once every month till the project is completed. It is better to assess the problems monthly and solve them as they emerge rather than accumulating them until it becomes almost impossible to complete the project on time and within budget.

Essential Sections of Project Report:

  • To begin, a Project Progress Report should not be more than two pages long. On the first page, it should include the project name, project manager’s name, type of contract (internal or external; fixed price or other), Client’s name, the date on which the report was produced, and the distributor’s name.
  • In the next section, the author writing this report should write a summary called Management’s Summary, in which the author summarizes the information presented in the report, emphasizing key points only. This section should only be half or one page long regardless of the size of the project and if everything is going well then just a sentence would do. Following this section, the author could include a table that provides a comprehensive view of the milestones achieved as well as future milestones to be accomplished.
  • Naturally, the project must have faced some or few hindrances, which are recorded in the next segment of the Project Progress Report and may be called Deviations from the plan. Any steps taken to nullify its effects to come back to the schedule must be mentioned here as well. Further on, costs incurred during the month should also be included and invoices sent and received this month should also be mentioned so as to keep a record of it. Most importantly the contract budget to date as well as planned and forecasted.
  • Lastly, any changes made during the contract must be stated with a witness. Thereby schedule delays or changes made due to changes in the contract should also be stated and notified about. Overall, it is essential that two primary investigators should oversee the progress of the project as well as the report so as to make sure the project is progressing without any fraudulent cases or mishaps. Therefore a signature of two investigators to ensure a true presentation of information could authenticate the Project Progress Report. Any other detailed description of the project in question should be attached in a document separately for either audit purposes or for other audiences of this report.


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