Communication Plan Template

A Communication Plan can be defined in various ways and it can be illustrated in many different perspectives but in simple words, it’s the plan including the steps that a company will take in order to talk to its market, potential customers, investors, suppliers and stakeholders.

The communication plan can be about anything related to the company i.e. it may have the purpose of introducing a new company in the market, a new product or service in the market or just a presentation about telling people how a company gets over the hurdles and obstacles.

Here are the steps for Developing a Communication Plan:

  1. Define the Purpose of Communication:
    There are hundreds of reasons why a company or an organization wants to communicate with people. It can be because the company is new in the market and it wants people to know it and recognize it or even it is operating for quite some time, it could want people to know the company in a better way. On the other hand, an organization could want to communicate in order to introduce its products or services that it offers. There are many more reasons and before starting the whole planning process, you need to define your basic needs and purposes of communication by which you can easily create the entire planning process.
  2. Define the Audience:
    Now it’s time to define what kind of people you want to talk to and who will be interested in listening to you. Defining the audience is very important because you need to prepare your speech or presentation according to your audience so that they take interest in it and stay connected with you the entire time. You can’t prepare a dense market report to present in a primary school or you can’t just talk about learning the alphabet in an adult audience convention.
  3. Design and Plan your Message:
    Now that you know your communication purpose and the audience, it is time to design your message or presentation for the public. The designing and planning of the message depends on what you want to talk about. For example if you are introducing a new product in the market, the message will be completely different as compare to a presentation that is given to introduce a new company in the market.
  4. Define your Resources:
    Now it’s time to talk about your company income and resources from which the company earns. This is very important if you want to attract investors and stakeholders in your company because if someone decides to invest in your company or a new product, he has to be sure that your company is legal and follows all the laws. Otherwise, he won’t be quite sure about putting his money in some idea that is not authenticated and he is the only one investing the money.
  5. Consider the Future Issues and Obstacles:
    This explains your future planning and strategies about covering up the possible damages and recovering from any kind of disasters inside or outside the company. This is important because people want to know if they trust a company or an organization; it has strong plans and issue resolving abilities for future.

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