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When there are thousands of companies in the trading world around the globe, it is very hard to validate if one company is registered or not. To make that process easy and to provide the companies with security and law-related benefits, governments register the companies and the products they produce, and the document that shows the validation of the registration is called a registration notice. On one hand, it gives the rights to the registered company to continue their work and operations and on the other hand, it informs the other companies about the registered company.

Brief Description of Registration Notice:

We have discussed above that unlike other types of notices, a registration notice is actually a phrase allowed by the local government to use on the products and manufactured units. This is usually simple and short sentences that say the company has all the rights to produce the product, the product is authenticated and the trademark or copyrights of the product are reserved by the company so no other manufacturer can produce or sell it. You can easily locate the registration notices on the packing of any product and on the product itself. This way you can also make sure that you buy registered product that is safe to use at home or indoors.

Elements of a Registration Notice:

  • Name of the company that is registered
  • The reference number to the registration
  • Date of issuance of the notice
  • Products or services of a company that are registered
  • Name of the companies to notify with this notice
  • Validation and expiry of the registration
  • Legal rights of the company that is registered (production, advertisement, marketing, etc.)

Purposes of a Registration Notice:

There are many purposes for issuing and sending registration notices but the key objective of this notice is to provide the registered company a legal proof that it is registered by the local government and it has all the rights to produce, manufacture, advertise, and sell the products or services. Another purpose of this registration notice is that it gives a clear idea to the customers that the products they are buying from a particular company are certified and they have no risks using them at home.

Another purpose of a registration notice is that informs the other companies in the market that this particular company has the legal manufacturing rights of a product so no other company can produce the same product. This list goes on and on and there are more purposes to discuss related to registration notices.

Where to find a Registration Notice?

Unlike many other types of notices, companies can’t produce or prepare this notice but they have to contact the local government department and ask for the issuance of this notice. Checking staff or quality inspectors of the government visits the company manufacturing units and make sure that they are following all the laws and regulations after checking the copyrights of the product, the inspection staff gives NOC to the company to be provided with a registration notice.

Resignation Notice Template:

Here is the preview of our Free Registration Notice Template created using MS Word.



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