Free Appreciation Certificate Templates

Here are several Free Appreciation Certificate Templates that can be used to create a certificate to use at schools or businesses. Such letters or certificates of appreciation for a student or employee’s performance are needed to acknowledge his/her efforts. Most of these templates are prepared using MS Word Format and can easily be downloaded for further editing and working.

Appreciation is a big word and has a lot of meanings when we want to thank someone or show gratitude for what they have done, we appreciate or applaud them or by appreciating someone, we admire his or her qualities. As we live in a social world and we interact with thousands of people every day, we see them doing right or wrong acts. When they do something bad, we warn them and let them know about its outcomes and when someone does a good action, we admire them and appreciate their qualities which leads them to do what they did. It’s very important to appreciate a good person when he does something great for others or for the overall society because this will make him proud of himself and he will continue doing the same good actions in the future. If we don’t appreciate and only criticize, no one will want to do anything good because our behavior is not appropriate about it.

Free Appreciation Certificate Templates:

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Appreciation Certificate Template 01

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An appreciation certificate is proof that you give someone which will remind him that he has done something good for someone else. Companies award their employees with appreciation certificates to motivate them or educational institutes give appreciation certificates to the students to admire their qualities and abilities. Research shows that when you tell someone that he has done something very good or noble, it makes him proud of himself and he wants to do the same act again and again so that the people will admire him. Appreciation certificates vary according to the situation and occasion but a common certificate includes the following elements.


Importance of Appreciation Certificates:

  • Appreciation makes us happier and every time we see the certificate, it reminds us of the hard work and effort we made that resulted in getting us the appreciation certificate.
  • When we appreciate other people or our employees, it makes them realize that their employer is keeping an eye on their performance and he really wants them to grow. This way they like you just because you appreciated them.
  • Don’t you feel good about yourself when someone appreciates you or your work? Appreciation in real makes us healthier as it takes away the work or job worries from our minds and relaxes us.
  • Research shows that when a person is appreciated even when he is not doing so well, he feels good about himself which eventually makes him good at his job. This way he constantly grows and works with more effectiveness if his or her employer appreciates him.
  • Appreciation reduces feelings of envy and stress in our minds. Even if nothing is right in our life and everything seems messed up, when someone appreciates us, we forget about our worries for a while and plan to try harder to make everything right.
  • It’s a reality that when people are constantly appreciated, they always are in good moods and meet people with happy faces, big smiles, and shiny eyes. 
  • Appreciation is directly related to optimism and optimism in return, makes us happy and satisfied.
  • When we are appreciated, it makes us think about other people too. We actually care about the work of our coworkers and teammates and in the same way, our seniors appreciated us, we appreciate them.
  • Even if a person can’t do a task if you appreciate him, he tries harder to complete the task and if he succeeds, it makes him think that he can do whatever he wants and there is nothing that can stop him.


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