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Project Status Report Template

Creating an effective project status report is really very important to know about the progress of any project. These things can be very much helpful in creating a best project report.

The project status report is really very important for communicating the status of any project. This report is basically used as a tool for the managers of the projects to inform them about the progress of that project, its raise issues and the request assistance also if needed. The recipients who get this report should always read it immediately so that they can take any action if needed on time and on budget as well. The project status report is usually distributed to all the members of the team, the sponsors and the stakeholders as well. Sometimes these project reports are made on a weekly basis and sometimes on a biweekly basis, totally depends on the need of the project. Usually these project reports are used by the project managers. These reports provide each and every detailed information on the finances and the milestones of the project.

Making the best project status report is one of the toughest tasks to do as it requires a lot of efforts and hard work of the person creating that report. Anybody making the project report must keep the objectives of an effective project status reporting. Its objectives include:

  • How to improve communication of information of the project within and across the organization.
  • Making it sure that the stakeholders receive all such information that is important.
  • Improving the organizational support for the project.
  • Making the process of gathering and disseminating more simple.
  • Communicating with all the key messages about the progress of the project.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Project Status Report Template created using MS Word,

Project Status Report Template

Management perspective:

From the management perspective point of view, if the project is important, the owner or the boss of the company would always be pressed hard for keeping the superiors informed about every progress of that project. Effective project status reporting means that the managers are informed fully time to time about the progress health of the project and also about its overall directions. The information about the project must be passed on to the boss on a regular basis so that there would be less chances of any mistake.

Even when it comes to the less important projects, the effective project status reporting saves the time of the person working on the report as well as the time of the boss and helps in determining what kind of progress has been made in that report. The excellent project status report always creates clarity and removes the confusion.

Duty of the Manager:

The job of the manager working on the report is to move the cloud of information and put it down into its basic elements and after that, it is also the duty of the manager to present them. The presentation should be effective enough so that the work of hundred hours can be understood within a minute after reading the project status report. For writing an excellent report of the project, the manager must understand the following things:

  • All the three components of the status.
  • What kind of key idea is needed by the project management.
  • And how to write the brief details about the project.

Here is download link for this Project Status Report Template,


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