Problem Statement Template

The problem statement is an important part of the research process to choose the exact problem that is important to investigate. Initially, the researcher chooses a general topic and outlines a specific problem statement to detail the description of the problem and its importance. The problem statement is written to describe and recognize the research problem to find its potential causes and solutions. The problem statement enables you to convey that the reason behind the problem is important and the factors affected by the problem. The problem statements are of two types, including quantitative statements and qualitative statements. The problem statement should be clear enough to demonstrate the vision and method of the research.

Tips to Write Problem Statement:

There are some key tips that will help you to write an accurate problem statement:

The problem statement should represent your vision and for this purpose, it is important to understand your vision before deciding anything. It will be beneficial to explain some benefits to solve the problems.

It will be good to write an issue statement and explain different methods to solve your problems. You have to explain why the solution to the problem is an important part of your problem statement. It will be good to explain the different steps that you are ready to take to solve different problems.

Think about Ws:

There are 5 “W”, including who, where, when, why and what, while writing an essay, you have to find the answers to all questions starting with “W”. There are five “W” and you have to address them completely in order to design a perfect problem statement:

  • Who will get affected by the problem?
  • What will be the outcomes of unsolved problems?
  • Where the problem exists?
  • When it is important to fix the problem?
  • Why it is important to fix the problem?

Following are some vital queries that should be responded to:

  • Is the problem impermanent or will continue into the future?
  • The number of individuals pretentious by the problem?
  • Would this study revise prevailing information or practices and how?

After answering all the above questions, you will be able to write a well-rounded problem statement. If you want to write a polished problem statement, try to make a few drafts to fine-tune the problem statement.

Free Problem Statement Template:

Here is the preview of our Free Problem Statement Template created using MS Word.


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Benefits of a Problem Statement:

The problem statement will help you to focus on your research and create an interconnected and guided project. During the research, the problem statement will help you to get a sidetrack to collect available information. It enables you to remain always focused on the topics and answers to the questions at hand. This will help you to get better results in a short period of time. In the presence of a problem statement, there will be no waste of time chasing unnecessary avenues and diversions from your main goal.

An effective problem statement will help you to successfully complete the project as a whole. Focus on the above-mentioned points and answer all questions to devise a perfect problem statement.


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