Annual Sales Executive Summary

When it comes to businesses and the working of companies, mainly it’s the higher management and the CEOs of the company that makes all high profile decisions such as starting a new project or terminating an undergoing one. But the problem is that they make dozens of such decisions on a regular basis and most of them have only a few minutes to review reports about a project or a new business proposal in order to find out if they really need it or if it’s just not appropriate for their company. In order to save the expensive time of such superiors, the middle management prepares much shorter versions of the original reports which give just a main idea to the higher management so that they can decide if they want to hear more about this or not. This shortened version of the original report or proposal is called an executive summary. Executive summaries are a usual part of all the companies and organizational processes and companies spend a lot of time preparing these summaries.

Executive Summary of Annual Sales:

Unless it’s not a non-profit organization, the key purpose and essential element of each business and company are to make more profit in the market. The sales of a company declare the credibility of its products in the market and its position against the competitors. At the end of each year, every business counts its previous year’s income and net profit. This way it makes crucial decisions if it’s not enough or if the company is not fulfilling its goals. This report includes a lot of other things besides just the profit ratio such as the tax the company has paid on the sales and income, the discounts it has given to the clients in order to increase the sales and the money it has spent on the advertisement of the products in the market. This all could take dozens of pages to complete and if a superior or executive level person wants to know all the above, he has to go through all those pages to find out what he wants to know. But what if he doesn’t have that much time to read or review? This is the place where an executive summary of annual sales comes in handy and it provides the big picture with lesser words and fewer sentences.

Free Annual Sales Executive Summary Template:

Here’s the preview of a Free Sample Executive Summary Template for Annual Sales created using MS Word.


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General Guidelines to create an Executive Summary of Annual Sales:

  1. Opening words:
    This is the place where you need to show the reader that this summary includes something that he needs to read. This will grab his attention and he will be convinced to read the entire summary. The opening line is the first thing that you share with the reader so make it unique and remarkable.
  2. Mission statement:
    This explains your company’s strategies, the goals it wants to achieve, the planning it’s been working on, and the dedication of staff to the credibility of the company. You don’t need to provide the entire mission statement because it’s a summary, not a report but you just need to mention the overview or key points of the mission statement declared by the company.
  3. Sales charts:
    Here you provide a brief but concise explanation of your previous sales figure. It also includes the effects of the strategies you implemented to increase the profit, the increased ratio of customer satisfaction with the product usage, and the goodwill your company acquired in the market. This makes it easier to compare the profit figures of previous years to analyze which year it was at its peak and what was the reason for that.


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