Project Log Template

A project log is a document that contains all the information and progress reports about a project and the executive or manager can understand it by just taking a look. Every project whether it’s big or small, local or international, involves more than one person or sometimes more than one department to complete it which means it’s hard to keep a record of who is doing what and how much he has completed his assignment. By using a project log you can easily keep track of each one of the participants, resources, and equipment. It’s a piece of paper with columns on it and you need to fill out the information on this Log as you proceed with the project.

There are many websites and online portals that offer their visitors to create a project Log and save it on their computer to print it later. This way you don’t have to do a lot of trouble and simply by entering details into some boxes, you get a ready-made project Log with a number of choices of different colors and templates. Although a project Log box is the same whether it’s a big project or small sometimes the information is just different and you need to create a unique Log. In this case, you can use a pen and paper and can create it by yourself in just five to ten minutes.

Project Log Template

It is very crucial for the success of a project that its activities must be logged correctly. This requires filling out a document named Project Log. Here is our template for this critical project management activity. Once again, despite all of our efforts to make it comprehensive, please feel free to modify it as per your needs. Here is its preview,

Project Log Sheet

Here is its download link,

Key Elements or Purposes of Using a Project Log:

  • What you have done i.e. progress and completion estimate of a project.
  • While working as a team, what kind of discussions you’ve had with your teammates?
  • Any change that is essential to make on the way over to complete the project. This may be a strategic change or a new allocation of resources or finances.
  • Up until now what kind of resources you have allocated and what are your expectations for the future?
  • What kind of problems you have encountered up until now and how did you solve them? And also what problems do you think will occur in the future and what you’re planning for those situations?
  • What are the things or tasks you are going to do next and how you will do that?

By using a project Log you can supervise or handle a project more effectively and the good thing is that you don’t have to provide extra effort. You can keep track of each one of the teammates about what they have done up until now and what is their effectiveness ratio. This way you can evaluate their performance to call them for the next project and to check if someone is doing something wrong. Also, you can check if someone is on schedule or behind schedule or if there is someone who can perform a task better than the current assigned one. This way you can supervise the expenses of the project to complete the project while staying within the budget. In the long run, this Log also has many benefits as you can save the data for the future and it will help you a lot in the same projects which you will manage in the future. Also by using this Log, you can constantly update the administration and client about the milestones and progress report.

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