Privacy Statement Template

Usually, on the internet, every website is equipped with a statement that includes information about what type of personal information is required by the user and how much of it will be shown on the website for other users. This statement is known as a privacy statement.

Brief Description of Privacy Statement:

Often when you use a website as a visitor or a user, you need to provide some of your personal and basic information to the website and usually, it’s necessary as you can’t proceed to the next step without providing the info and contact details. Now the question rises that if you are giving out your name, phone number, and street address on the internet and thousands of other users are also browsing the website, isn’t it possible that others will also see your personal details and it could harm you in some way?

Yes, this is a very big concern for most internet users that their personal information will be accessed by other people and they will misuse it. To make sure that no user feels insecure while browsing a website, the site provides instructions on the web page that the user is required to provide the information and personal details but he can rely on the website as these details won’t be shown to anyone else on the internet.

A very common example of this privacy statement is that when you want to access a website’s data or want to log in to the website without an account, the website asks that either you create an account or use your social media i.e. Facebook account for logging in to the website. This way you allow the website to access your Facebook account and your personal information in it but the website provides a privacy policy to all of its users that their Facebook personal information won’t be shown to anyone.

Features of a Privacy Statement:

There are two key features of a privacy policy and these two features are quite basic. First of all, the main feature of a privacy policy is that the website asks you to provide the information that it requires along with the reasons for asking for this particular information or your personal or contact information. This also includes the type and amount of information and details that the website requires i.e. your name, home address, zip code, phone number, email address, age, sex, marital status, and many other particulars. Sometimes you may have the option you can choose which details you want to share with the website and what kind of information you don’t want to share but most of the time, you don’t have the option to choose or deny providing any particular information.

Secondly, the privacy policy includes the feature of letting you know how many and what type of other users could access your information. This usually includes that your personal information is kept very private and hidden and no one will be able to see it besides you this is the heart of the privacy policy and the main reason for developing this statement.

Free Privacy Statement Template:

Here is the preview of the Free Privacy Statement Template created using MS Word.


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