Travel Expense Report Template

The business travel expenses are usually offered by the company, but it requires an expense report as well. Make a good report using the following steps for providing accurate details of the travel expenses to the company.

This report is basically used by the travelers for reporting all the actual expenses that are incurred while traveling officially and recording all the travel expenses within the accounting system of the university. Business travel usually requires a lot of planning and follow-up as well to make sure that the trip has accomplished all its goals and that the person traveling as that business traveler receives the reimbursement for the expenses related to that trip. The travel expense report provides all the details about the trip and gives a very clear outline of those activities that relate to that business. A very easy and the most convenient way for the collection and listing of expenses that are used in most businesses is making a report about travel expenses.

Compiling all the expenses and the receipts:

While making a travel expense report, the person making it must label the envelope with all the trip information which is very basic. The dates, city, and accounts must be mentioned in the report. After that, he should write down the names and the number of the members of that group and also the location. On the front of the envelope of the report, he should also mention the date and the amount of cash that has been distributed. The hotel bills, car rental receipts, airline rental receipts, and boarding passes must also be inserted in the envelope.

Free Travel Expense Report Template:

Here is the preview of the Free Travel Expense Report Template created using MS Word.


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Preparation of the Expense Report:

After compiling all the expenses, the preparation of the expense report must be started. The payment and the trip information must be completed on the travel report on time. Each and every line of the travel expense report must be completed in chronological order and if required, then every type of expense must be calculated properly. There are many companies as well that demand the expenses be listed separately. They don’t like it combined under the category of expense. Each and every subtotal of the expense report must be calculated properly according to the given format. There are many expense reports that require the calculation of every row and every column. The electronic expense reports, calculate the subtotal of these reports automatically on the spreadsheet templates.

After calculating the subtotal, the amount of the travel advances received for the trip must be written down as it helps a lot in the final calculations of the travel expense report. After that, every group of receipts must be arranged properly on a blank sheet of paper, and the top, as well as the bottom of the receipt, should be taped. The date and the corresponding line number must be written carefully on the expense report and that should be written always above the groups of the receipts for easy cross reference. In the final steps, a copy of the completed expense report must be made and it should be retained in a personal file. The expense report must be signed by the traveler with the date and submit the completed form to the company according to the policy of that company.


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