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Before traveling to unfamiliar places for the first time, it is very important to make solid planning so that your precious time and money are not frittered away. Travel brochure plays a vital role in this concern. These brochures are the person’s first contact with the travel services and a particular destination, so you need to create a good impression through these brochures to the potential traveler. A right-designed travel brochure serves as a travel guide for tourists. In fact, this is the purpose of a travel brochure exactly. Travel brochures are best friends and guides for tourists. By choosing the right design and layout for your travel brochure, you can give an easy guide and a wonderful experience of urban traveling to the tourists with your brochure alone. Your travel brochure should be capable of encouraging the potential traveler to become a customer.

Free Travel Brochure Template:

Have a look at the preview of our Travel or Tourist Brochure Template below created using MS Word.

Tourist Brochure Template

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Designing a Travel Brochure:

Before you start working to design a brochure, you have to know what your brochure campaign is going to be about.

Add Necessary Information:

Before you deliver the brochure to the reader’s hands, your massage should be clearly defined. You need to focus on showing what makes your destination or business exclusive in the crowd. It should also be pre-defined what kind of market it is made to appeal to. Keep the contents of the travel brochure relevant, concise, straightforward, and obvious. Try to provide all necessary information as easily as possible manner.

Use High-Quality Visuals or Illustrations:

When it comes to traveling, we start visualizing and dreaming of huge trees, ocean waves, sandy beaches, long roads, etc. Your brochure should be capable of making those visualizations and dreams clear to the people who are tired of the daily work grind and looking to escape it so that they can relax for a few days at their favorite destination. The use of beautiful images will inspire people to move to that destination being your customer. People will surely take impressions from the images used in the brochure and compare those images with their visualizations. Adding high-quality and professionally taken photos will help to create a variety of interest points for the reader. Try to find the best interests of the readers and research the hot spots, because some people prefer to visit the main city over the historical site of a destination.

Color Scheme:

Choose an appropriate color scheme for brochure design and images to enhance the attraction to the reader. Colors surely play a vital role to obtain an emotional response from the readers.

Don’t Add Irrelevant Details:

Do not overload your brochure with a lot of details and information. Do not make people involved in the stress of understanding complex terms and information on your brochure as they usually want to travel to overcome stress from their lives. Use easy sentences and clear and concise statements of information in appropriate font size and style. Write short paragraphs and blocks of text. Attractive images and titles should be breaking the big text blocks to keep hold of the interest of the reader.

Highlight the Affordable Price Tags:

Your brochure competes with thousands of other travel destinations. Convincing people to visit your destination should be the actual target of your brochure design. Offering affordable attractive pricing, superlative hotels, special entertainment, and other attractions of people’s interest will make your travel brochure stand in the crowd and get more leads. As much interest as you offer to your reader, the chances of drawing in new customers.

Contact Details:

Encourage people to take action and ask for more details through phone numbers, email, or visiting your office. Try to create a sense of urgency by using words like “Limited time offer”; it will draw in more customers in less time and promote your business. You can also add free offers or discount offers to attract customers over other destinations.


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