Executive Summary Template for Crisis Management

If you work in a company or run your own business, you understand the idea when a single person or a team of directors are responsible to make a decision and chose strategies for the business, it’s not possible for them to go through each proposal and report because they simply don’t have enough time for these lengthy reports reviewing. A report, either it’s a proposal for new business or progress summary about an existing project, it’s very common that it will consist on several pages which are all very important for the reader to read. But the problem is that when the CEO of a company is the one who makes all the decisions, he just doesn’t have enough time to read these lengthy reports and business proposals. So the solution is to convert the lengthy report into much shorter version or an overview that includes all the key points of the original one. This shortened version of a report is called an executive summary which is exclusively written to save the luxurious time of upper management and directors of a company.

Executive Summary of Crisis Management:

The crisis management is an organization process or tool that helps the businesses and companies to foresee the upcoming problems and threats to the business and take essential steps to overcome those issues before it’s too late. Basically a company faces two types of crisis; natural and artificial. Natural crisis includes the floods, earthquakes and land sliding where the artificial disasters include everything that is caused by humans or other living beings. These types of reports are very lengthy and it usually includes about 10 to 20 pages for locating and describing the problem and suggesting solutions for it. But those superiors or high level management that has the authority to make any final decision won’t have time for these lengthy reports and proposals. So they prepare executive summaries for crisis managements.

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Executive Summary Crisis Management Template

General Guidelines to create a Crisis Management Executive Summary:

  1. Purpose:
    The first and key element to include in this summary is allocating the main purpose of writing this report and the basic idea behind all this. Here you define all the aspects and different point of views about a lengthy crisis management report.
  2. Planning:
    Here you describe the planning you or your team has made to overcome the upcoming troubles in the company. There is no need to provide everything because that will just kill the idea of preparing this summarized report. You just need to provide a little something about everything.
  3. Adopted procedures:
    At this point you mention the strategies that you have made along with your management to foreseen the upcoming problem and to solve it. This way you provide an overview of your planning to the reader who, then decides if he is satisfied with it or there is something needs to be changed.
  4. Reason of the Crisis Occurring:
    Here you describe in short that what went wrong in the past which caused this trouble or crisis in the company and what steps company should take to eliminate these kind of uncommon situations in the future.
  5. Suggestions:
    At the end, after the reader has read the entire summary, you provide your suggestions according to your thinking and experience. You should provide these suggestions at the end so that the reader can compare it to his own conclusions.

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