Production Shift Report Template

Shift reports prove to be very useful in removing communication gap between coworkers or members of a team. Proper execution, control and oversight can also be achieved through these reports. It aids in assessing the work that was completed in a previous shift and provides a good reflection of the employee’s commitment to their respective work. Managers use these reports to pass information about work done in previous shift to the upcoming shift. Those who ponder on these reports can also inquire about the reasons for various unexpected outcomes and also about the current progress.

Types: Many organizations, for instance, hospitals and restaurants or manufacturing industries use shift reports very frequently. For e.g. shift reports help construction supervisors in recording amount of water required and rolling to be done on constructing a road, or a nurse may include the timings when a patient woke up because of his pain. A courier service manager, may record number of packages delivered in evening shift and also the number of orders placed. The report may also include areas that need immediate or continuous attention along with suggestions for the following shift. Shift reports can also provide frequency of unfavorable events happening in a certain time span. Similarly, it may be able to explain reasons behind those failures. Shift reports can be modified according to the requirement in an organization, but, the sole purpose of producing a shift report remains the same, to keep a record of effective progress made during a shift, and to predict the upcoming results in the next shifts based on the achievement in the previous shifts.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Production Shift Report Template created using MS Word,

Production Shift Report Template

Benefits: Shift reports become very handy when it assists in increasing worker efficiency, especially when the workload is shared between employees of different shifts. The reports cuts communication gaps and helps employees write details, which aid in efficient operations, thus creating a healthy environment between employees in an organization. Customers get a better understanding of the reasons for outages and the hindrances the company is facing; therefore these customers take immediate actions to minimize the fallouts and help the company run smoother and to keep strong understanding between company and its clients. Employees don’t have to put efforts retracing past events as reports provide them their required info in a quick glance. Last but verily, not the least! As the report provides the manager with direct comparison between productions in different shifts and the performances of various employees, a sense of competition is developed in every workers mind, to gain superiority and to be highlighted among all other workers, which prove very beneficial for the company as every worker tends to give his full effort.

Drawbacks:  Shift reports have to be very precise. If it contains unnecessary details, next worker may consider it too lengthy or inappropriate and may entirely discard it. Similarly, as competition develops, so does jealousy and hatred between employees who have bad relations with each other, which heavily makes the report vulnerable to be non-factual and to contain some faults which may have never happened. Also, different workers have different styles of data entry, which makes a hassle in the report and it becomes really difficult for the reader to understand the report. To avoid this, uniformity is a necessity in writing reports and good relations between the employees is a must for a true and good shift report.

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