Staff Training Plan Template

Here are the steps to create a Staff Training Plan:

Define Organization’s Goals and Objectives:
What would you do with the training program if you don’t know what the goals of your organization are? This is why it is really important that first you define the goals and objectives that your organization has and then you define a training process in order to enable the staff to achieve those goals.

Define Training Resources:
This step includes the sources and materials from where the employees can get information about the training program and organizational objectives. It could be a trainer who is actually the supervisor of the staff or it can be literature including books and content on company website.

Develop a Schedule:
You know that if there are hundreds of employees working in your company on different levels, you can’t train them at once. You can’t ask the manual workers to sit with high profile managers in the meeting and learn about the management and you can’t ask the administrators to sit with production employees and learn how to increase the production ratio. This is why you need a schedule that will define each person’s contribution in the training process and on the other hand, it will help the trainer to make schedule his training programs for different kinds of employees in the company.

Nominate a Trainer:
Now it is time to choose who will lead the employees or train them according to the plans. It can be an external trainer hired by the company for this specific purpose or it can be someone inside the company who knows the objectives and goals well and has the ability to lead people with training. Make sure that you choose the right person because not every experienced employee has the guts to train people and interact with every employee in the organization.

Now that everything else is done, it is time to communicate with the employees. The trainer has to make the training process easy enough so that not only the manager and directors but also the manual labor can understand it easily and have no difficulty about any step. Trainer has to define the company goals, previous achievements and future expectations from the employees so that they know what they need to do and what they need to change.

Tracking the process and its progress:
Training process is nothing and useless without proper tracking and verifying if it’s going well or not. Every time the trainer achieves a new milestone, it is important to stop the process for a while and take a look on the progress. It will then show if the staff is getting anything done or if the trainer has any achievements up until now.

Encourage feedback and criticism:
This is a very important part of training process that you allow the staff members to openly communicate with the trainer if they have any query or feedback about the process or company itself. It is very much possible that during the training process, there will be some employees who have some concerns about the training and these concerns can only be eliminated by establishing communication between staff members and the trainer.

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Staff Training Plan Template

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