Project Task List Templates

Here are several Free Project Task List Templates in MS Word format to guide you in preparing your own Task List quickly.

Managing Project Tasks is a process in which the administrator or supervisor of a project, assigns different tasks to different employees and workers. This also involves allocating resources for the project in some specific cases but mainly it’s all about assigning various duties to different employees. A Project usually consists of a set of tasks that one person can’t do all. So it requires careful planning and task assignment to the team members. Sometimes a project is so big that two or more two companies do it together. This way it seems quite difficult to oversee and supervise the whole project and also keep an eye on the progress of the project and the performance of the employees. This is where task management comes in handy as you can handle it easily when you know who is doing what and how much time he needs to complete his assigned task.

Project Development Life-cycle:

The life cycle of a task includes:

  • Ready
  • Assigned
  • Terminated
  • Expired
  • Forwarded
  • Finished
  • Failed

Once you have a task ready to assign to someone, you look for the perfect match who is supposed to do it more effectively. You give him the project which he may reject due to any reason or accept. If he rejects, the project manager can ask about his issues and once they are eliminated, he is ready to start the project. After that there can be a number of possibilities about the results or outcomes of a project like it may be terminated by the supervisor or client or the employee didn’t have much time and it expired. Or he couldn’t do the project so he forwarded it to someone else capable of doing it or either he has finished the project according to the plan or he tried but failed.

Free Project Task List Templates:

Project Management is not complete without assigning and monitoring tasks to team members. This is a critical process and every project manager has a well-documented process to use in order to be effective and efficient. Here are our Project Task Assignment Templates that will help you quickly set it up in case you don’t already have one.



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Managing Project Tasks:

There are a lot of computer programs that can help you in the management of project tasks. Some of them are free and others need you to pay for them. Many websites are there on the internet that offer to provide you with such software. It may seem or sound complicated but it’s not at all. If you want to create your own project task manager, you can do it by using a pen and paper. You just have to draw columns on the paper for different tasks, the person who is assigned to do it, the estimated time to complete the task, and allocated resources. This way you can analyze the progress of the task at any time and it also helps to check the performance of that employee for future reference.

Managing project tasks is very important as you can’t remember each and every detail about a project and who is doing what in the team. This way when you assign a single task or set of different tasks to someone in the team, you don’t worry about it at all because now that person is responsible for the completion of the task on time.

However, you have to keep an eye on him but that’s a lot easier than actually doing the task by yourself. This way you can assign all the employees to complete the task first which needs to be done to begin other tasks or the client has agreed to approve the project once he has seen a completed segment of it. This way it’s very easy to have definite and real-time knowledge about the completion of the project as you can ask different employees about their assigned duties and how much of them are completed and by compiling that data, you can present the overall progress of the project and also this way it’s very easy to update the client too.


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