Family Plan Template

Family planning can be described as using any of the medical or biological methods to stop the birth of children while keeping a physical relationship with your partner. In this post, we will share with you a useful family plan template to assist you in creating your own.

Brief Description of Family Planning:

Family planning is the use of any of the methods in order to stop the birth of a child which can either be before a woman gets pregnant or even after she is pregnant. Usually, people think that the population of the world is increasing very faster and it is becoming harder and harder with each passing day to survive in such a difficult economy.

To enjoy life with fewer responsibilities and worries, people usually limit the number of children they want and most of the time, couples only want 1-2 children so that they can take care of their child in a good way and provide for him easily. Most of the time, parents decide this by themselves whereas when a country needs to slow its birth ratio, the government starts family planning awareness in the citizens and motivates them to have fewer kids so that they can provide for them in a better way.

Various Approaches to Family Planning in Different Cultures:

There are hundreds of countries around the world and probably hundreds of religions that people follow and believe in. each religion is equipped with a specific kind of culture and customs which means people who follow a religion, also follow the customs of their culture. This way when we talk about family planning or birth control, people have various approaches and thoughts about it. When we talk about Muslims, they believe that it’s good to have as many kids as possible regardless of thinking about the fact that how it will be possible to feed all those kids because the God who has created them, will provide for them as well. The same culture can be seen in most of the Eastern and gulf countries i.e. Saudi Arabia, Dubai, China, India, and Bangladesh.

On the other hand, when we review the American and European cultures, most people are Christian and they don’t believe in having too many kids. Usually, when a person has 2-3 kids, they start using any of the family planning methods in order to stop the birth of another child whereas in many countries; it is also enough to have 2 or even only 1 child in a family. On the contrary, when we talk about French or German cultures, they don’t like kids most of the time and this trend can also be seen in America and Europe. The reason behind that is that couples live together, and have a physical relationship with each other without marriage and this way; they always have doubts about the other one leaving the relationship. If that happens, no one wants to take care of the children, which is a very serious problem so most of the time; those unmarried couples try not to have kids by using any of the family planning methods.

Free Family Plan Template:

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Family Plan Template

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