Bat House Plan Template

There are many people in urban and as well as in rural areas that always complain about insects i.e. mosquitoes and moths flying around their houses and biting their family members. On the other hand, they also complain about bats flying around their houses as well. You need to understand that bats are not bad in fact; they provide a very unique service to humans. Bats are insectivores which means they feed on insects i.e. mosquitoes and moths that fly in the surroundings and you know that no matter how well you protect your house, you can’t get rid of mosquitoes most of the time. If that is such a big problem, why don’t you make a little compromise with the only flying mammal; the bats and let them live around your property so that they can find their food and also eat all the flying and crawling insects?

If you are really inspired by the above content and you want to eliminate the insect problem by letting the bats live around your home and even inside your attic, you should keep in mind that bats only fly at night, and during day time, they sleep or rest in their nests. If there is no dark place around your house, you can’t force the bats to stay around but they will move to another place where they can find a dark corner or perhaps a nest to rest in during day time.

This is why it is really important that you build a bat house and install it outside your house near the walls and in the corners. This way you can provide a good place for the bats to rest during the day and as it gets dark out there, they will leave the bat house and hunt for the insects to keep your atmosphere clean and free of night insects. By building and installing 2-3 bat houses in your backyard, you can stop worrying about keeping your children inside the house at night so that they won’t get bit by mosquitoes and moths.

Free Bat House Plan Template:

We have created the below bat house plan template for your help to make a comprehensive plan for building a perfect bat house.

Bat House Plan Template

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Building a Bat House:

It is really easy to build a bat house and it won’t cost you more than $20 per house. The project is very interesting so you can also involve your kids to work with you and create a good-looking bat house to let the bats rest when the sun is up. You can design a very stylish bat house there are hundreds of designs that you can get from the internet and most of them are very easy to build you only need 1-3 nails to install it on your backyard house wall.

Keep in mind that bats don’t need a wide open house that has many holes in it but they look for someplace dark to hide during the day light and if you can make a small box with only 3-4 inch space in between, you have built a fine looking and easy usable bat house for these flying mammals. There are many types of wood that you can use for this purpose but if you like, you can also use chipboard or hardboard for constructing a bat house and your kids can color it afterward too.


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