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Many people get this idea that town planning is about changing the change or preventing it and doesn’t let change anything in the town where in reality, when  we describe town planning in few words, it explains as the planning of managing the change, not preventing it or stopping it.

Town planning can also be described as the process by which a planner or a government plans to develop a town. It can either be for a new town to develop or just enhancing an existing one to make the improvements. Even when there are number of big cities in every country, there is always a need to develop new towns near these big cities in order to share some of the burden of people. Even when the city is managing the population very good currently but eventually there will be a time when there won’t be any free space for new people to live in the city or move freely on the roads and in that time, a new town near the city can easily manage the extra population.

There are many elements that are very important to add in a town plan but the most important thing to consider is to leave the space for future needs and requirements. It won’t be a good plan if the planner is only thinking about the current situations, needs and requirements but he has to keep the future needs in mind too. For example, a town planner knows that currently the town needs roads that can accommodate 500 vehicles each day and if he designs the roads with the same needs, it will be a big problem in the future when there will be 1500 vehicles on the road. And it’s not only about the roads but each and every thing in the town planning should be designed with keeping the future needs in mind.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Town Plan Template created using MS Word,

Town Plan Template

Most Important Properties of a Town Planning include:

  • The plan should reflect the views of the community
  • It should value the customs and features of the local community
  • It should save and preserve the local landmarks and famous spots
  • It should identify local problems and include effective steps to eliminate them
  • It should include the options to facilitate the local community and enhance their living styles
  • It should has the capability to show how people will want their town to look in the future

There are many elements that are included in town planning such as; development of roads, enhancing the living styles of local community, management of traffic on the roads, management of solid waste and sewerage from the city, providing enough entertainment and enjoyable places for community and many others. The most important feature of a town is that it shouldn’t make the town look crowded or over loaded even when everyone has enough space for him and his family and also the planning should have the element to manage the available spaces efficiently. It means not using too much space for something that can be managed in less space and not providing enough space to something that needs more space.

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