Party Menu Plan Template

There are two methods for you if you want to plan menu for a party; you can either get help from a professional party planner or you can just do it yourself. There are also many websites on internet that facilitate the visitors with menu planning tools where you can easily plan your party menu but if someone wants to do it without internet, we have enlisted some easy and handy steps for you and by following these simple steps, you can plan the menu for your party.

Keep one thing in mind that if you want to increase or decrease the yield of food or arrange for more people, you just need to turn a notch up on particular food items i.e. beverages, snacks and desserts.

Here are the Steps to Create a Party Menu Plan:

  1. Define the Purpose of your Party:
    The selection of a party food menu depends on what kind of party you are organizing. For example, if it is a movie night, you can arrange for fast food, beverages and snacks but you can’t serve the same food if it’s an elegant family dinner to celebrate a family occasion. This is why it is important that before you start the food planning; define the purpose of the party so that you can choose more appropriate food.
  2. Choose the time of the Party i.e. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner:
    Then the next step is to decide when you want the party. If it’s a breakfast, the menu will be completely different from lunch menu or dinner arrangements. It is up to you what time you choose for your party because you have to arrange for the food or prepare it at home so you can better come up with a more preferred choice of time.
  3. Enlist the Names of Guests Coming to the Party:
    This is just a necessary step in order to plan the menu for your party that you should enlist all the guests that have replied with a yes and they will come to the party so that you can see how many people will be there and what are different age groups among the guests.
  4. Write Down Food Preferences of the Guests:
    Then make separate sections of food preferences for each group of the guests. For example, snacks for the children, fast food for the teenagers and adults and steaks and wine for older people. Also you need to analyze if all the guests can eat one kind of food i.e. vegetarian, non vegetarian, Halal or kosher or you need to have more than one menu.
  5. Prepare for Leftovers Before Actual Party:
    If it’s a party, there will be food leftover after the party and when you are exhausted by hosting the guests for hours, it seems a very difficult job to save the leftover food. So you need to make plans for the leftover food and arrange for some room in the refrigerator to keep the leftover items.
  6. Always have a Backup Menu:
    In case, there are more guests than you expected, or they are not liking a particular food item in the menu, you need to have a backup menu of food that you can use in case of any such emergency.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Party Menu Plan Template created using MS Word,

Party Menu Plan Template 1

Party Menu Plan Template 2

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