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Picnic Table Plan Template

Common plans of picnic tables include the following types and shapes:

One Piece Picnic Table:
It is very obvious from the title that this table has only one piece and the table top and benches are joined together in one piece. High pressured lumber is used for building this table and the wood panels are put together with nails, bolts and wood glue. This way it is very easy to lift and take it to another place because there are no moving or additional parts in it.

Three Piece Picnic Table:
This is the most common type of table that is used these days and you can find this table anywhere around the world. This table is built in three pieces; one table and two benches. Sometimes people build four benches for each side of the table where two benches are common full size and the other two smaller sized with shorter height for kids.

Kid’s Picnic Table:
It is obvious that kids usually can’t sit on an adult or full size picnic table as they can’t reach to the table while sitting on the bench because of the gap for adults. This is why when people buy a picnic table; they usually buy another for their kids. A kids table is smaller and shorter in size and it has fewer gaps in the bench and table top so that kids can easily reach to the food on the table. You can buy kids picnic table in both wood and metal but due to sharp edges and possible corrosion problem, it is better to have a wood picnic table for kids as it has very smooth top and round corners and edges.

Wooden Picnic Table:
This is the most common type of picnic table that is used these days and preferred by most of the people around the world. The reason why people prefer wooden picnic table is that it’s cost effective and usually one can buy it in less than $150 around the world. Also the wood when painted with a good primer and varnish is a very good resistance for open weather. Also if the table breaks by any way, it is very easy to replace the wooden panels or legs with new pairs. As because it’s made with wood, it is not that heavy either so it is very easy to pick and change its position.

Metal Picnic Table:
These picnic tables aren’t very famous and most people don’t prefer buying a metal table for picnic purposes. The first reason is because this table is too heavy and you can’t take it to another place or pick it by yourself. Also the metal itself is very delicate and if you use it in open space, it is soon attacked by corrosion and rust on the edges and joints. Also the metal is very expensive as compared to wood so most people don’t buy metal picnic tables due to its cost.

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Picnic Table Plan Template

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