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Education planning can be described in many ways but in simplest words, it’s the planning of the process to conduct educational experiments in the institute in order to bring out the best in the students and to achieve institutional goals and objectives as well.

When we talk about education, there is no way to compromise on this as we know that we are talking about the future of our country and the future of our new generation as well. This is where the importance of educational planning gets very clear that without proper planning and strategies, there is no way to educate the students in a proper way and to conduct the operations as per requirements.

Common types of Educational Planning include:

  1. Strategic Planning:
  2. Normative Planning:
  3. Operational Planning:
  4. Functional Planning:

Just like an organization or a company where it is really important for the CEO or directors to define company goals and objectives in front of the employees and other staff members so that they know exactly what to do and what the expectations of company are from them. This not only gives them a clear path to follow the company rules but also helps them to stay connected and increase their performance levels. On the other hand, it ultimately benefits the company as it increases its performance and level of expertise in the regular operations. The same thing happens with the education planning that the institute has to deliver the clear guidelines to the teachers and professors about how they need to teach the students and lead them towards the excellence of the institute.

Common Stages of Education Planning include:

  • Policy formation Stage
  • Plan preparation Stage
  • Coordination Stage
  • Implementation Stage
  • Evaluation Stage

While talking about the Educational Planning, it is really important to discuss the four basic approaches to the planning which are; cost-benefit analysis approach, the synthetic approach, manpower requirement approach and social demand approach. One approach benefits the institute and the parents of students as they are able to pay less for the education of their children where the institute can make more profit where the other approach is regarding the manpower in the institute and it divides the students in smaller or bigger groups depending on the available faculty in the institute.

On one hand, educational planning enables the institutes to deliver best services to the students where on the other hand, government makes sure that the parents are getting the best educational services for their children. Modern governments consider educational planning as one of their most important priorities in order to make room for excellence in the future of the country and to provide more better options for the students and new generation of the country that will someday lead the nation to top position among other countries in the world.

Here is preview of a free Sample Education Plan Template created using MS Word,

Education Plan Template

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Importance of Education Planning includes:

  • Limited resources for education
  • Rising growth in population
  • Avoiding misuse and wastage of resources and time
  • To aid investment decision

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