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Career planning can be described in a number of ways but in most simple words, it’s the development of one’s goals and objectives regarding work accomplishments and future achievements that he wants to gain after a specific time period. Career planning enables a person to set his future goals and choose a specific path that will lead him to his objectives. It also helps the individuals to understand and find out if they are working in the right career or if they need to change their work situations in order to achieve the expected goals.

Brief Description of Career Planning:

It is quite possible for someone to have doubts about the career that he has adopted for a living. Also when people start their career, they have a lot of big expectations from their abilities and the career they have chosen but after some time, they start thinking if they have chosen the right path for them and if the job is going to take them where they wanted to stand in the next 3 or 5 years. This is where career planning comes in handy as it enables individuals with their career choices and goal settings.

Importance of Career Planning:

Career planning is very important for so many reasons but the most important reason is that no one wants to end up with a dead-end job where he has no more chances of getting promoted or learning anything new. Also, it helps individuals to plan for their careers before the time when they are still studying and haven’t started any job or adopted any particular career. This way, with career planning, they can get the education that is essential for the career they have chosen and it also helps them to define their goals for the future and the achievements they want after some years.

Here are the steps in order to create a Career Plan:

  1. Start with your goals for the future:
    This is very important that you start planning your career with the goals and objectives that you have in your mind. If you want to be a successful environmental lawyer by the age you are 32, you have to make it a goal of yours.
  2. Define your preferences (the jobs that you like to do):
    This includes the jobs that you like to work in and it can be anything. You just have to enlist all the jobs or careers that attract you i.e. medical, surgery, fire fighting, finance manager, or anything that you like.
  3. Enlist the studies necessary for the career you have chosen:
    Here you are required to enlist the educational necessities that are required for your career. For example, if you want to be a lawyer, you have to study law for 4 years after your high school diploma.
  4. Enlist a number of companies in your chosen career:
    Enlist the companies around you or internationally that you like to work in. then you need to analyze their employment behavior and preferences by which you can make yourself a better candidate for the job vacancies in those companies.

Here is a preview of a Free Printable Career Plan Template created using MS Word,

Career Plan Template 1

Career Plan Template 2

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