Sample Dismissal Notice

Dismissal is a very broad term and it can be used in different ways but here when we talk about sample dismissal notice, it can be a notice to an employee about his termination from the company, a notice to the stakeholders about the termination of their own in the company, a notice to the tenants about termination of their lease or any other thing that is possible. Before the owner or a company takes any legal action or files a lawsuit, it gives the other party a chance to explain itself and try to resolve the issue out of court.

Brief Description of Dismissal Notice:

A dismissal notice can be of many kinds and the type of this notice depends on each particular situation. For example, if a company wants to terminate the employment of a worker, it sends the dismissal notice to the employee whereas on the other hand, if a company wants to terminate the contract with another company, it can also send the dismissal notice to that company.

Elements of a Dismissal Notice:

  • Name of the company or individual who is sending the notice
  • Name of the receiver (individual or company)
  • Date of issuance of the notice
  • Reasons of dismissal
  • Legal actions that the company can take if one ignores the notice
  • Duration to contact the company and solve the issue

Tips to prepare a Dismissal Notice:

First of all, you the person who is in charge or preparing the notice needs to gather all the information in one place so that he won’t miss anything. Then he needs to make a rough draft of all the information that will go on the notice. It is very important to carefully put all the details on the notice and never miss anything because this is a very serious official document and a little mistake can lead the whole company to a lawsuit from the employee or the contractor who was dismissed.

Free Sample of Dismissal Notice:

Here is the preview of a Free Sample Dismissal Notice created using MS Word.



Here is the download button for this Sample Dismissal Notice.


Purposes of a Dismissal Notice:

There are many purposes for sending dismissal notices but the key purpose of this notice is to let the other person or company know about what is going to happen in the near future. It also serves as the document informing the other person about the dismissal and the fact that there is still some time if he wants to do anything about the dismissal notification.

Where to find a Dismissal Notice?

Companies prepare their own dismissal notices and usually, it is the responsibility of the HR department to compose and send the dismissal notice. Once the other person or company receives the notice, they have the chance to meet with the HR department and solve the issue without including the court. On the other hand, as an individual or small company, you can download a number of types of dismissal notices from the internet, and after downloading, you need to make some noticeable changes, i.e. names, dates, and other stuff and then you can use it for your purposes.


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