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When a shop or a business wants the customers to find out that they are selling the items on sale i.e. reduced prices of particular items, they use the sale brochures. A sale brochure is a pamphlet that includes the introduction of the company or shop who is selling the product on reduced price, the details of the items or products that are on the sale, the details of the outlets where the customers can find the products and any other thing that is necessary to go on the brochure. Once the brochure is designed, the companies and manufacturers hire sales staff or just teenagers to work on hourly wages and distribute the brochures in public places i.e. outside of the schools, colleges, office buildings, railway stations, bus stations and theaters in the city.

Designing a Sale Brochure:

There are many things that a person has to include on the sale brochure but the most important thing is the fact that the company or a shop is selling a product or a set of products on reduced prices for a certain period of time. As the designer of this brochure, you need to highlight this fact so that more people take interest in the brochure. Also you need to focus on the audience or readers of the brochure and then design it in the proper manner. For example, if the brochure includes sale for the clothes or shoes, women will take interest in it more than the men so you need to make it more colorful as women like colors where on the other hand, if the brochure is for a product that men use, you should keep the brochure simple and plain.

Here is preview of a Free Sample For Sale Brochure Template created using MS Word,

Sale Brochure Template 2

Sale Brochure Template 1

Important tips to follow while designing a Sale Brochure:

1.       Dedicate the last page or end section of the brochure for contact info:
A brochure for business or advertisement purpose should always have a separate section in which you should include the contact details of the stores or outlets that sell your products along with the contact number of customer services to which the customers can talk if they have any question.

2.       Put a pitch line on the front page or main section of the brochure:
When you want to attract people, use a pitch line on the main section of the brochure on which the people will take the first look when they get the brochure. This can be anything but make sure it’s relevant to what you sale and it matches the description of the products on the sale.

3.       Make the prices or figures bolder than the rest of the written content:
When it is a sale brochure, you need to make the readers focus on the element that you have reduced your prices. This means that when you add the prices of the products, you make them bold while keeping the rest of the content plan and simple. If there are any terms and conditions included with the prices i.e. get discount of 50% on purchase of two or more products, always put a star on the price and include the terms and conditions at the end of the page.

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