Job Description Templates

Here are a couple of Job Description Templates that can help any HR Manager to create professional looking comprehensive job descriptions for almost any job designation. A Job Description is crucial for the success of a job designation. It defines the responsibilities assigned to an employee against a set of designated authorities. An employee can only be accountable against his/her job description. Hence it is very important for an organization that proper Job Descriptions should have been prepared and handed over to the employees at the time of their joining.

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Key elements of job description:

  • Job title:
    this is the part which reflects the brief introduction, content, purpose and scope of the job.
  • Position summary:
    this defines the purpose of the job and the main responsibilities of the job.
  • Job requirement and qualification:
    here the minimum necessary education for applying for the job is provided. This helps someone to examine himself that if he is eligible for the job or not. Along with the education, the experience required by the company is also described in this section. This way the company or recruiter makes sure that only the senior or experienced person is applying for the job. If the job requires you to have some extra certificates or short courses, they are mentioned here too along with the skills that you need to have which will help you on the job.
  • Fiscal responsibilities:
    this describes the level and type of the financial duties the job requires which the applicant should have a knowledge of.
  • Contacts/references:
    here the recruiter describes about the references the applicant is required to provide both inside and outside. This way company makes sure that the applicant is authenticated and has a good employment history.
  • Physical demand:
    it describes the intensity and duration of physical demands or capabilities that are required by the job. This way the company makes sure that no disable person applies for the job which he or she can’t do.
  • Environment/work conditions:
    here the recruiter explains about the environment or circumstances which you will have to face on the job such as working with males if you are a female or working in a lot of noise or if you are required to shout every time you want to talk to someone.

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