Free Envelope Templates

Envelope is a need of everyone now a days. It doesn’t matter if you are going to send a greeting card to someone or deliver money present on some special event such as wedding. A Special Envelope can help you leave a loving and caring impression on the receiver. Here are some Free Envelope Templates that you can use to quickly create professional quality Envelopes. You only need to know MS Word in order to edit them.

A customized envelop is something that when someone sees it, immediately recognizes the company which always use this color and template. This way although it’s important that you provide your company name but when you communicate with someone through this kind of special envelops, they don’t even read your name or watch for the company logo but they recognize the company by the template. One way you actually make a customized item of your company in the market and secondly, it also serves as an advertisement document or publicity mean. Also let’s face it, using a customized envelop instead of a boring simple one, is a lot fun and enjoyable thing to do in the office.

Here are previews and download links of these Free Envelop Template.




Importance of customized envelops:

  • First of all, the biggest advantage of using a customized envelops is that you don’t have to put a sticker on it or don’t have to write the returning address every time you send a letter. This helps a lot when you have to send a lot of letters in short time every once in a while. With a customized envelop, you save a lot of your time.
  • It’s a reality that printed or customized envelops look more attractive and creative as compared to a boring simple one. This way you have number of choices to choose from a list or colors and templates to design a unique envelop. This way you can capture the attention of someone who receives a lot of mails on regular basis and you want him to recognize your letter in one glance.
  • This way you can increase your brand’s awareness in common people whom you communicate with. You can put the logo on envelop to make a recognizable place in the market.
  • People receive a lot of mail on daily basis and if they don’t recognize the sender or its address, they just throw the letter into the trash. In this kind of situation, when you send them printed or customized envelops, the colors and unique template attracts them and they are forced to read the letter.
  • When you send a customized envelop to someone, it shows that they really mean something to you. This way you build better relations with the customers and clients in the market.

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