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These days, if you want to increase your sales and business, you need to promote your products along with creating brand awareness for your organization. For advertising and marketing, there are various strategies that you can adopt but most of them have some kind of limitations i.e. some are expensive and a new or small business can’t afford them or some of them are limited only to the local market which means you can’t approach international customers. In this manner, there are also marketing methods to increase your sales and one of them is Gift Vouchers. Gift Vouchers are in business for a long time and this method is best known for its effectiveness and efficiency. In simple words, you offer a Gift Voucher to the customers who shop at your company or you can also distribute these vouchers in public to attract new customers.

Effects of Gift Vouchers on Sales:

Some people have trouble understanding how this small piece of paper can benefit sales that much but you should know that coupons and Gift Vouchers are best known as Money Magnets which means they actually attract more money to the company. Because of this, these vouchers are used around the world by all types of companies and businesses and most marketing managers prefer using something like this which is very impressive and yet so simple. There are various types of research that support the idea of boosting your income with gift vouchers. Some researches show that more than 80% of customers like these vouchers whereas another study claims that more than 60% of customers actually look for these vouchers and prefer to use them. Besides the common advantages, these coupons help to expand your business because most customers would travel some distance to redeem the expensive coupon. Another benefit is that these vouchers help break customers’ purchase patterns. As soon the customers get the idea, most of the business from your competitor will shift to your company.

Collection of Free Gift Vouchers:

Check out our collection of Free Gift Voucher Templates created using Microsoft Word.

Shopping Gift Vouchers:

Shopping is a natural habit of human beings, especially women. People earn money so that they can spend it according to their desires. Their basic needs of housing, cloth, and food are anyways fulfilled what a person actually craves is luxury. However, with the recession going on around the world and increasing prices of amenities, the density of customers is greatly reduced. Therefore, to maintain the name and for sustaining the business, the corporate world is coming up with various techniques and strategies to attract the customers, such as discounts, offers, packages including different luxuries at a lesser cost, improved quality, etc. A gift Voucher is also one of the strategies to boost the sale of a company.


Shopping Gift Voucher 1

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Shopping Gift Voucher 2

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Shopping Gift Voucher 3

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Birthday Gift Vouchers:

Birthday Voucher Template 1

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Birthday Voucher Template 2

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Sports Gift Vouchers:

Golf Gift Voucher Template 1

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Golf Gift Voucher Template 2

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Holiday Tour Gift Voucher Template 1

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Holiday Tour Gift Voucher:

Holiday Tour Gift Voucher Template 2

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Uses of Gift Vouchers:

Sellers make use of Gift Vouchers or Gift Cards to sell their products. They provide offers and discounts on the products mentioned in the gift cards. This plan of using Gift Vouchers to boost sales has proven to be profitable to almost all kinds of businesses and it also performs a product promotion job for the seller. People buy products and for a certain amount, they avail of the offer of a gift card at a lesser price based on the amount they have spent on the products. This Gift Voucher can be presented to any of your loved ones. On the other hand, this is the best method for increasing sales. To improve your sale through these Gift Vouchers, you can make use of special offers like some percentage off on gift cards, or get a gift card free on buying a certain priced gift card, etc.

Advantages of Using Gift Vouchers:

The best chance of using these gift cards for increasing your profit is during festivals and special occasions when people exchange gifts with one another. These vouchers are equally beneficial for shoe stores, garments stores, beauty salons, hair salons, hotels, restaurants for customers, and even for your business clients on a big scale. A gift Voucher can be the hottest gift to anyone and causes excitement to the holder. It gives very VIP treatment to the customers and gift holders. Offer validity limitation also greatly boosts the sale of a product or service.

According to the use of Gift Vouchers, it can be named in different ways to suit the situation and get the best incentives. If it is named an Employee Gift Voucher, it may appeal to all the bosses who need to supply gifts to their employees / entire team. The business owner would also give something nice in return for these Gift Vouchers to your business for sure when they get benefits.

Tips for Boosting your Sales with Gift Vouchers:

  • Despite the fact that the design of a Gift Voucher is essential, the more important element is the actual offer that you present on the voucher. This can be something as simple as a plain discount of up to 50% or something like buy one and get one free or get free samples after shopping. This offer is the key element that will attract more customers to your business.
  • The heading of the Gift Voucher should be designed with bold and colorful fonts. Other written content is important but customers will take interest in the vouchers after they are convinced by the heading.
  • In order to make the use of your product easy for the customers and create a desire in their minds, you should add more photos and visual graphics on the Gift Voucher. A photo speaks a thousand words and a voucher should have more pictures.
  • Marketing your products is important but creating brand awareness about your company is also important. For this purpose, you should put the official or registered logo of your company on the coupon. Even if the design is not the same, this logo will tell the customers that it belongs to your company.
  • Keep in mind that most of the customers don’t want to hear anything about the product but they actually take interest in the benefits and features of that product. On the Gift Voucher, you should talk about the characteristics of the product rather than just discussing the product itself.


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