Work Experience Certificate Templates – (4 Free Templates)

A work experience certificate is a letter issued on behalf of an employer to the employee at the end of his / her service period. It supports confirming the period the employee has been associated with the company and attests to his skills, intelligence, performance, profile, and work habits throughout his tenure. It is an important document that helps secure a new career or bridge the career/education gaps. It can be looked at as the shorter version of a reference letter (but it is not actually a reference letter), that helps the prospective employer to ascertain whether it is a safe chance to hire him/her or not.

A work experience certificate is just about one paragraph long, whereas a reference letter goes beyond a page usually. Prospective employer loves to see written evidence that supports the resume and personal interview so that they can establish the credibility of a potential employee. They look for work experience certificates of potential employees to authenticate how long an individual served at a particular organization, and what kind of skills and conduct he/she demonstrated while working there. As such, it can also be referred to as the character certificate of an employee.

There can be certain absolutes that employers seek when they take an experience certificate into their hands. Being a formal and official document, it must have certain elements for the candidate to be able to take benefit optimally.

There you can find some useful tips that should be kept in mind while composing a work experience certificate. Like any other official document or certificate, the work experience certificate should also be typed or printed out on the company’s proper letterhead. It is ideally written or issued by the immediate supervisor or manager of the employee who has been in close supervision contact with the employee.

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Experience Certificate Template

The work experience certificate must contain and describe all valuable details, like full name, date of joining and date of resignation (leaving) of the organization, a designation within the organization, and an overview of the career description of the employee. It should also state the work excellence, general conduct of communication, and other special skills of the employee during the career period. There should be all suitable collection of information and details included in a précised manner that is necessary for a prospective employer to reveal the candidate’s proficiency. Experience certificate should not be longer than a paragraph, so you need to describe the total tenure of the candidate in a few lines summary. Include only positive comments and do not comprise any negative remarks in this document. If you don’t find something extraordinary to mention about the candidate, keep the certificate simple by just including the job description and two lines about the conduct of the employee within the organization.


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More Work Experience Certificate Templates:

Check out these more free Work Experience Certificate Templates to help you prepare and write your own Experience Letter for any situation.

Work Experience Certificate Template 02

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Work Experience Certificate Template 03

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One more useful Work Experience Letter Format to your assistance.

Work Experience Certificate Template 04


The format of the work experience certificate includes the following components:

The date of issuance lies at the top right corner of the document. The next line indicates the declaration “To Whom It May Concern” below the date line. It is written in unspecific salutation because you may not know who will be reading this certificate. Another reason is that the candidate may make copies of the certificate and provide it as a reference to various prospective employers.

Fill in the full name, designation, and tenure of the employee under the organization in the appropriate space in the format. Next, write a paragraph describing the job details and work habits of the candidate. It is important to describe the employee in emphasized and unbiased manner.

Close the description with a summary of the organization’s objective impressions of the employee. Additionally, with the candidate’s success or good luck.

Regards or sincere words should be followed by the signature, name, and designation of the signatory within the organization at the bottom of the document. Stamp the company seal, name, and complete address of the organization to make the certificate authentic.

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