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Download these Free Meme Templates prepared using MS Word to help you create your own Meme quickly and effectively.

The Internet is the one constant around which everything revolves these days and because technology keeps changing rapidly, it’s possible that you stay offline for a week or a month there is apparently a new trend on the internet that everyone seems to be following until they find something new. This is also true for internet memes. If you have an understanding of what a meme is, there are still some chances that you don’t know what it exactly is and how to even pronounce the word “Meme”. For starters, you can pronounce this word the same as you pronounce ice cream, dream, and extreme. The last E in this word is actually silent with the middle E pronounced longer like EEE.

Moving to the definition of a meme now; it is known as a picture or set of pictures with a quote or sentence written on top and bottom which doesn’t relate or make sense sometimes but appears funny. It’s amazing to see that some of the most popular memes actually don’t make any sentence i.e. a kid is excited about filling out his tax return forms perfectly without the help of a lawyer or a toddler seems to state problems with his wife. But the good news is that people find these memes funny because they can somehow relate to the picture and situation portrayed by it.

Benefits of using Meme Templates:

  1. Memes are an inexpensive way of advertising: Most of the places i.e. websites and smartphone applications that allow meme creation is absolutely free of cost. If you don’t want to create memes online, you can also create them by using MS Word on your laptop in offline mode. This means that if you are not creating the memes yourself, you just need to hire a professional designer to create memes but it won’t cost any extra expense.
  2. Memes create a sense of connectivity: Most of the time when we ask people why they like a certain meme, the most common answer is that it creates a funny situation and they can somehow relate to that situation. This is the basis of meme creation and the key reason behind successful memes. Creating funny memes is an art because you need to select the image and text that go along and create harmony with each other.
  3. Memes are shared rapidly and free of cost: On social media, everyone wants to be popular and one of the many rules of measuring one’s popularity is to find out the number of their followers. People who have a higher number of followers are usually celebrities or the ones who share funny content. Memes are popular because they are funny pictures with content that sometimes doesn’t make any sense but appears funny so people share them hundreds and thousands of times.
  4. Memes build quick brand awareness and increase fan base: Memes are very effective in creating brand awareness and recognition of a certain product or company in the market. This happens because a company that uses a certain type of meme creates a focal point where any user who sees the meme, immediately thinks of the corresponding company or brand and the trend just keeps getting popular with more and more people recognizing the brand associated with certain memes.

Free Meme Templates:

Here are previews and download buttons for our Free Meme Templates in MS Word Format.

Meme Template 01

The download button for Meme Template 01 in MS Word Format is below.



Meme Template 02

Please find the download button for this Meme Template 02 in MS Word format below.



Meme Template 03

The download button for this Meme Template 03 is below.



Meme Template 04

Here is the download button for this good-looking Meme Template 04 in MS Word format.


Meme Template 05

Here’s the download button for this good-looking Meme Template 05 in MS Word Format.



Meme Template 06

Here is the download button for this Meme Template 06 in MS Word Format.



Meme Template 07

The download button for this good-looking Meme Template 07 is here.



Meme Template 08

Here is the download button for this good-looking Meme Template 08 in MS Word Format.



Meme Template 09

source: ImgFlip

The download button for this good-looking Meme Template 09 is here.



Meme Template 10

Here is the download button for this Meme Template 10 in MS Word Format.



Meme Template 11

The download button for this Meme Template 11 is given below.



Introduction to Meme Templates:

A meme is a funny picture with a thoughtful or funny caption on it that is shared on the internet and goes viral. This is the most basic explanation of a meme. People share hundreds and thousands of original and copied memes and keep in mind that as long a meme is funny and hilarious and doesn’t poke a cultural or religious offense, it doesn’t need to make any sense but it should be funny. The picture and the text on it should have harmony without making perfect sense. For creating memes, there are meme templates available where you get the picture or multiple pictures put together and then you add text to it. You can download meme templates from the internet or create your own memes using one of the below-listed tools.

  • Meme Generator:
  • Mobile application:
  • MS Word on computer:

Benefits of using MS Word for creating Memes:

  1. They are free of cost: One of the most important and highly liked advantages of using MS Word for the creation of memes is that you don’t need to spend a single dime in this process. If you are using MS Word on your computer, it means you have already paid for the licensed version and for creating memes, there is no need to upgrade or get a premium version. Because MS Word can be operated offline, you also don’t need to have an internet connection with you all the time. Only when a meme is completed, do you need the internet to share it on social media.
  2. They use common JPEG and GIF formats: Because memes include pictures and texts, using MS Word is a great opportunity as it can edit and work with images. Most of the pictures and photos are in JPEG format and MS Word accepts this format so you don’t need to convert your image to another format before using it. Another common format for memes is GIF which is small animation i.e. a video but not for more than 1-2 seconds. The good news is that MS Word also accepts GIF files and you can also put text on it.
  3. It’s easier to combine multiple pictures: Although MS Word isn’t the best photo editing tool, especially where you need to crop something or someone out of a picture or change the background of a picture still it lets you combine multiple pictures together to create a meme. If you are looking for professional photo editing tools, Adobe Photoshop or Coral Draw should be your first choice.
  4. It’s easy to put text on images: As explained above that a meme has two parts; image and text. Using MS Word, you can easily put text on any image. Not only that you can put text, but there are endless opportunities for you to choose fonts, colors, and overall style and theme of the text. There is also no limitation for using few words or long sentences as long it’s funny and matches the picture. If you are wondering, yes it’s possible to add multiple texts to a single image.
  5. It doesn’t require experience: Anyone who has a computer or laptop is essentially familiar with MS Word because this is the most basic program that you use to write text. This means if you want to use it for creating memes or meme templates, you don’t need any further experience or technical training in the software but adding an image and putting text on the image is pretty much the basic function of MS Word that anyone can perform.


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