Free Gift Certificate Templates

Here is a collection of Free Gift Certificate Templates that you can download and use in the latest version of MS Word to tailor them as per your specific needs and requirements. These certificate templates are wonderful and very exciting in design. You can choose whatever color scheme you feel is appropriate for your events. For the last several decades, gift certificates are used to boost your sales or to attract more and more customers to your product line. Customers with reasonable discounts motivate themselves to try new products which can lead to becoming regular and loyal customers in the future.

If you take a look around you, almost every person is using Gift Certificates which are commonly known as Gift Vouchers or Gift Coupons. Many people prefer using these certificates because they provide a certain ease to the user. If you don’t know the style of a person to who you want to give a gift on a special occasion, you can never go wrong with a gift certificate. You can use these certificates for yourself, to give as presents to your friends, and as gifts on holidays and other special occasions. If there are so many benefits for the customer, why shouldn’t we focus on the benefits of these certificates for the seller or the company that offers these cards?

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Free Gift Certificate Templates:

Check out our latest designs of Gift Certificate Templates, created in MS Word, and available free to download.


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Here is another design for your Gift Certificates in MS Word format. A neat blue color scheme helps to represent your company’s professional image to its reader. A smart place for your Company Logo at the bottom is also valuable.

Gift Certificate Template 2019

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Lately, companies and organizations globally are under some unknown competition when you have to get better and top of your rivals, and whatever strategy you use for this purpose, it’s fair. Rather than investing in expensive marketing techniques, you can just simply offer Gift Certificates to your existing and new customers. They then will use these certificates or vouchers to shop for discounts and get other exciting offers. This will ultimately result in a boost in your sales and as your sales increase, so does your clientele. The clients and customers that find your offers attractive also stay loyal to you so it’s better for long-term relations as well.

Increasing your customer base with Gift Certificates:

  • Keeping existing customers and clients is no science as compared to attracting new customers to your business. It’s kind of an art to attract new customers enough so they will leave their existing vendor and will buy from you. Gift Certificates help get you new customers and they can even break down that high number of clientele of your competitor as well.
  • Think of your Gift Certificate as a brand awareness and marketing tool for your products and services. You can save money by using readymade designs for the certificate but spending some money on customized and matching-with-your-brand gift certificates will help you increase brand awareness in the market. This will not only help people i.e. customers and consumers identify your products but will also create a good image for the new customers.
  • It is no myth that when your clientele increases, your sales go up. With more clients and customers shopping at your company, your accounts will show higher figures and more profit in the income of the company.
  • As a vendor or supplier, you should understand that when you offer your customers any discount or gift, they really appreciate it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive gift or a high discount but even reducing a few bucks can result in much appreciation. In order to help the customers realize you have better and long-term deals for them, these Gift Certificates play a very vital role. They help keep the customers happy and loyal to your company and in the evaluation, if your company still wins, this will make that customer-supplier bond stronger and finer.