BBQ Party Brochure Template

If you want to use a cool manner in order to invite your friends, family members, and coworkers to a barbecue party that you are going to have soon, you should use the barbeque or BBQ Party Brochure. It is really easy to design these brochures by yourself and if you have a little knowledge of designing programs on the computer, you can totally design your own BBQ party invitations or brochures. This way you can look cool and you get to use your creative side as well.

Designing a BBQ Party Brochure:

In order to design a BBQ party brochure, you need to take care of a couple of things. There are certain elements that you have to include in the BBQ Party Brochure and without these elements, the brochure will be incomplete. The first and most important thing on this brochure is the heading or title. Second is the name of the person who will be the host. Here you are also required to include the contact details and address of the host along with the venue of the party.

Third is the name or names of the people that you want to invite to your BBQ party with the brochure. In the end, you should include the details of the party i.e. starting time, venue, type of food, drinks, sitting arrangement and the number of people who will attend the party as well. Once you gather all these details, follow the guidelines or tips below in order to design the brochure at home.

Free BBQ Party Brochure Template:

Here is the preview of a Free BBQ Party Brochure Template created using MS Word.

BBQ Party Brochure Template 1

BBQ Party Brochure Template 2

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Important tips to follow while designing a BBQ Party Brochure:

1.       Count how many brochures you need:
Before you start designing and printing your BBQ party brochure, you should count the people to which you want to send the brochures. Include your friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers who will receive the invitation from you. After that, you can start the design process.

2.       Gather the information and details you want to include on the brochure:
Before you take any step further, make sure that you have all the details and information with you that you want to include in the brochure. It will be better if you create a rough copy or draft with the information written on it so that you can focus on the design rather than thinking if you missed anything.

3.       Always include one or two photos of BBQ food on the brochure:
A picture is better than including hundred words and also when a brochure has a picture, it looks more creative and interesting. You should choose one or two photos of your preference related to BBQ parties and include them on the brochure by putting at least one photo of BBQ food on the front or main page of the brochure.

4.       Include your contact information clearly on the brochure:
It is possible that some of your guests will forget or won’t know the exact location of the party and thus, they should have your contact number. Also if you want to know the exact number of guests who will come to the party, you need their RSVP and the contact number, they can just call you and let you know if they decided to come or not.


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