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Here is a Sales Quotation Template that you can download right now in order to prepare your own professional-looking sales quotations. This is a free sales quotation template and comes royalty-free. Everyone knows that in a serious business environment, a professional sales quotation is the key to collecting orders. In most cases, people simply judge their vendors by their quotation formats and the level of professionalism it shows.

The business world as we know of today has spread into vast branches; where we have businesses related to providing services, selling goods, doing a piece job for one of the customers, or any such matter. In this world of great complexities, a sales quotation or sales quote has a very dire importance in dealings and business transactions between customers and businessmen. A sales quotation is the first step to knowing about the customers’ requirement and their mindset about the services or products they need you to deliver them. A sales quotation also lets the buyer understand the costs for the services or the products they are going to avail. Hence the sales quotation has a very important role in the initiation of a business between the two parties; it is beneficial for both the buyer and the seller in the process.

Free Sales Quotation Templates:

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Sales Quotation Template

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Key Elements of Sales Quotation:

Quotations of several types have their very own style and a specific format needs to be followed for each type of quotation. A sales quotation is a type of document; that resembles a form to be filled in by the customer or buyer, for the businessman or seller. Sales quotation lets the customer decide about the budget and the quantity, once they have an idea of expenditure in their hand, in the form of a sales quotation. The sales quotation describes in detail all of the costs that the customer is going to face because there are several hidden charges in many services, which can’t be fixed. For example, if in providing a service, some material is used, the price of which varies time over time, then the company can’t fix any price for that service, because it is subjected to the price of that material; and so on. Many sales quotations have a few things in common which are considered to be the key elements of a sales quotes or sales quotation. A few of these are described below for your knowledge:

  • A Sales Quotation should have the customer’s information, their name, etc. It can also be the name of a company if you are dealing with some other organization.
  • A list of items or services must be mentioned in detail. Each item should be mentioned clearly and distinctly and all the costs which would be charged from the customer must be mentioned in the quotation.
  • If there are any rates that are subjected to change in the rates of the market, they must be mentioned separately to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.
  • The sales quotation should include if there will be any delay in the services provided.
  • Sales quotation should be signed and a copy should be created for your own record; in case the customer returns and is interested in the offer you have given them. That copy can be then used for referring and clearing any rates; if any have changed.

Other than these basic elements sales quotations have different details included in them with respect to the type of business or the provided services. But these key elements will be found in every sales quote; as these are considered the fundamentals of sales quotations.


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