7 Business Agreement Templates

Allow me to share with you several free Agreement Templates in MS Word to assist you in drafting your own legal agreement in as less as possible time. It is always a wise choice to study existing Agreement Samples to prepare yourself for drafting your own agreement. Hence we have provided following Agreement Templates to allow you to quickly prepare your own agreement with all standard terms & conditions already in place.

Use of MS Word enables our visitors to quickly edit them without wasting a lot of their time on learning the software while editing. MS Word is a common application which is installed on almost every PC running Windows Operating System.

Subcontractor Agreement Template

Here is a Subcontractor Agreement Template prepared using MS Word 2016. In almost every business on this earth, there comes a need to subcontract your tasks and projects. While dealing with subcontractors, trust and agreement details are vital. Once you have established a level of Trust with your selected Subcontractor, you must be looking for a professional agreement to sign with your subcontractor. Here is our offered Sample Subcontractor Agreement Form.

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Subcontractor Agreement

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Separation and Release Agreement Template

The separation and release agreement is a professional contract that is given to the employees at the time of the termination of their employment for any reason and cause. It can be the employer who decides to let go the employee due to poor performance, the company may go bankrupt, there is downsizing in the company or the employee just decides to leave the company for a better opportunity in another company.

Other than small and local companies, the big and global organizations take the employee turnover very serious and these organizations are the ones that rarely face a law suit from a former employee as they take very good care of the employment termination process. Whether the employer or company wants to end the employment of a worker or the employee himself decides to leave the company for another job, it is mandatory in global organizations to present the separation and release agreement to the employee and ask him to sign it. The signed agreement is then used as a legal proof in case of any dispute or law suit against the company in future.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Separation and Release Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Separation and Release Agreement

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Music License Agreement Template

When a company wants to own the rights of a music album, video, song or lyrics or when a distributor wants to acquire the rights or distributing and reproducing the copies of the music with the permission and authentication of the original owner, an agreement is signed between the owner and the company that will act like the new or temporary owner of the music. This agreement is known as the music license agreement. Unlike many other types of agreements, this is a very important and delicate agreement so lawyers and legal attorneys are included in this process to draft the content of the agreement with the mutual consideration and permission of both parties.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Music License Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Music License Agreement

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Consumer Loan Agreement Template

When a bank, loan firm or financial company gives a loan to the consumer or an individual, the consumer has to sign on the legal agreement with the company and this agreement serves as the proof or paper of guaranty for the consumer that if he doesn’t repay his debt/loan, he will face consequences explained on the agreement and the consumer agrees to the terms and conditions by signing the agreement. This agreement is known as the consumer loan agreement and it is very common in credit card applications and processes.

Usually when we talk about the loan or debt, people think that business loan and consumer loan are the same kind and there is no difference where in reality, they both are very different. For example, business loans are huge in amount like millions whereas the consumer loans are not that valuable or expensive i.e. $10,000 or $100,000 in most cases. Also when it comes to business loan, adding a guarantor is essential in the process so that if the company refuses to pay back the debt, the financial firm or bank can claim the loan from the guarantor where on the other hand, there is no need of a guarantor in getting consumer loan. Business loans are required to invest more money in the company where the consumer loans are more for the casual or common uses i.e. real estate purchase, automobile purchase, education or medical. Usually when we talk about the consumer loan, it refers to the credit card loan that banks and other financial companies grant to the individuals.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Consumer Loan Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Consumer Loan Agreement

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Assignment of Copyrights Agreement Template

The agreement that is written and signed between a company and the local patent department of the government related to the copyrights of a business is known as the assignment of copyrights agreement. This is a very common type of agreement that is used by governments and patent registration departments around the world and even when the government and laws are different in various countries, the content of this agreement is almost the same most of the time with the same terms and conditions and clauses along with same obligations and jurisdictions for the Copywriter.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Assignment of Copyrights Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Assignment of Copyright Agreement

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Indemnity Agreement Template

When an insurer takes full responsibility of actions that are going to occur against another person or company, it is known as the indemnity process and most commonly, it includes the money and financial help. In simple words, with indemnity, a person agrees to pay the bills and financial expenses that are due on another person on his behalf so that the other person or company is excluded of this process. The agreement that is signed by the insurer and insured person to execute the indemnity process is known as the indemnity agreement. This is a very important and legal document that is very common these days and it is also implacable or essential when a person or company applies for loan from a financial firm or bank and he has to present an insurer as security of safely return of the loan.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Indemnity Agreement Template created using MS Word,

Indemnity Agreement

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Lease Agreement Template

Here is a Lease Agreement Template. This Agreement Template is created using MS Word 2007 and is suitable for every kind of Agreement. Anyone can use it without much changes for Lease Agreements however this can also be easily customized to suit other purposes. Just download the .dotx file inside a zipped file from the link below and start editing.

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