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Internship programs based on different courses are the great opportunity for students to appear in a career and make their knowledge solid. Internship programs are offered not only to students but other candidates also get proper benefits from these programs for their career. Moreover, internships play vital role to strengthen the basic required skills inside a person and make a strong relationship with field experts. This is an appropriate way of stepping into a career and learning the competitive edges of the particular career. Internship certificates serve the candidate applying for a career as an experience letter, and get them enjoy lots of advantage. This certificate is helpful for the candidate to prove their worth for a particular position. Internships are either free of cost or low paying learning programs.

All of the internship supervisors are appealed to make sure about the points described below in the internship certificate when they are going to issue this document. In case there are errors in certificate, internship is not measured as valid.

Mention the duration of internship that should be minimum of 6 weeks, because short duration internship result is usually not accepted by the company you are applying in. Declare the starting and ending dates of internship while making internship certificate. Though it is an academic document, it must be printed on a proper letter head of the company that is issuing it. Moreover, issuance date and proper reference number should also be there on internship certificate. Please take care that you do not make an error of mentioning the incorrect issuance date of the certificate, i.e. a date earlier than the ending date of internship period. This error can result in serious issues or even invalidity of the certificate.

Similarly, be very careful about the start and end date of internship period. It must be a working day for both dates. It should not be a Sunday, or Christmas holiday.

Keep in mind that internship program period must not go beyond the classes and terminal exam’s total period. It is better to attach a hard copy of internship report and evaluation form to submit.

Sample Internship Certificate:

Generally a predefined format is used for the certificate body to describe the certificate ownership and internship program details.

For instance:

“This certificate is presented to _______ in recognition of outstanding accomplishments and contributions for the _________ (internship) program.”


“We present this certificate to __________ in appreciation for the work as an intern at ___________ under the leadership of _________ from _____ to _____.”


“This is to certify that Mr. / Ms. _____________ has successfully completed summer internship program _____________ under the guidance of ___________.

The duration of this project was from _______ to _______.

The internship on evaluation fulfills all the stated criteria and student’s findings are his / her original work.

I hereby certify his / her work excellent / good / satisfactory to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of Mentor _________”

Internship certificate attached with your resume copy will add positive edge to your resume and increase the chances of your appointment.

Here is another ready made free Printable Internship Certificate Template created using MS Word,

Internship Certificate Template

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Here is another good looking Internship Certificate Template that anyone can easily edit to print a professional Internship Letter quickly.

Internship Certificate Template 2

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Business Management Internship Certificate

It is essential for a Business Manager position to developer his/her Communication, Business Strategy, Financial and Leadership Skills. White studying these in a classroom environment, it is highly recommended to get hands on experience of a Business Management Internship in some reputable organization. It is also a matter of fact that such reputable organization might not accept you for internship without adequate training.

In a traditional way, you have to spend thousands of dollars studying in university programs for years. It will be costly as well as time consuming task for you.  Moreover, most of the stuff they teach consists of extraneous material and more relates to philosophy or business rather than practical know-how.

On the other hand, by joining a Business Manager Specialist Training program you can improve you skills within six or even less than six months. It will definitely cost less than a traditional university program. In some cases, you can also apply for scholarship programs to get financial aid from the company.

Businesses offering such opportunity definitely need to print professional looking Internship Letters and Certificate at the end. Allow me to assist in such case to all those in search of it.

Here is a wonderful looking Business Management Internship Certificate Template to help you print such certificates for your Interns.

Internship Certificate Template 3

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Business Consultant Internship Certificate

It is always a nice way to start your professional career with a self-employed Business Consultant Internship Program. This helps to get more work from prospective clients by offering your perception of value. It is also possible that you can offer Business Consultancy services while still working in another organization as as full time employee. No need to mention that being a consultant doesn’t require any special degree or diploma.

In order to get consultancy clients, you need to show them some sort of proof of your credentials. A Business Consultant Internship Certificate can be a good starting point.

Similarly, if you are a business owner offering Consultant Internships, you will be in need to a professional Certificate or Letter to certify your candidates. Here is one such Business Consultant Internship Certificate Template in MS Word format to assist you.

Internship Certificate Template 4

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Sales Manager Internship Certificate

Are you offering Internship Opportunities to students or professionals looking for a way to start their career as Sales Manager? You will definitely need some creative yet professional looking Internship Certificate Templates to print some quality Internship Letters for your Interns. Allow me to share with you one special word template created for this purpose solely.

Here is preview of this wonderful Sales Manager Internship Certificate Template in MS Word format.

Internship Certificate Template 5

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Another good looking Internship Certificate Template that I can’t think of a possible target market for. So lets make it a general purpose Internship Certificate Letter.

Internship Certificate Template 6

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