9 Free Calendar Templates (High Quality)

Printable Calendar Templates in Microsoft Word Format enables every businessman to plan his day effectively. People sent us demands to upload a free daily planner printable so that they can easily manage their routine work easily. Our team has found this one the best for your needs.

An employed person and head of a family, we all have lots of tasks to do every day including finishing assignments, projects, preparing presentation or repairing a vehicle, grocery shopping or calling for a maintenance guy for the leakage in the basement. Sometimes it’s so difficult to remember everything or every task that needs to be done every day and when we have lots of balls in the air, it’s hard to show effectiveness or efficiency and no matter how hard we try, we always forget something. Although it’s not your fault if you forget a task from an enormous list of assignments but if that happens, most of us blame ourselves and the weakness of our memory. This is the point where a daily planner comes handy and helps you to organize and remember your each day stuff and tasks. You just need to dedicate a few minutes at the end of each day to plan for the next day and this way you can complete every task on daily basis.

Free Calendar Templates

Here are several free Calendar Templates in MS Word to assist you in preparing your own Calendar quickly.


Here is download link for this Calendar Template for 2020 or 2021.

Another great Calendar Word Template. It looks professional and beautiful. It is a monthly calendar and gives out a clear layout of days and dates. very much recommended for you if you are calendar loving person.

Similarly the common man can sometimes become bored by seeing those pre-printed pictures and animal portraits on the calendar. So why not create one’s own customized calendar; where they can add the pictures of their own choice? These might include the family portraits, the pictures of one’s children, their better half, parents and what not. Like the organizational calendars, the ones in the home can also have customized events like birthdays, anniversaries and much more.

The custom calendars can be created of any reason one might like. Obviously everyone has the right to live like they love, so why not include the customization of calendars in it? Shouldn’t we?


Here is download link for this Calendar Template for 2020 and 2021.

Another great Calendar Word Template. It is Portrait Sandy Brown Calendar and looks very professional yet beautiful. A must have thing to print and place on your table every month end.

Since there are hundreds to thousands of different calendars available in the market, then why do people design and create their own custom calendars? The answer is pretty simple but a little detailed one. Let us suppose you have a company and you want to place a calendar on every desktop of each official of your company; where you obviously can’t allow anyone to have their own different calendars, because it gives a very casual and unorganized look to the office. Then you definitely have to have your own company calendars; of a specific format and design, all of one kind so as to make the environment a very official and decent looking. Another advantage in such calendars you can have is that you can add your own company related events, so that every employee will be aware of what is going to be and when it is going to be; no matter it is a holiday, an important annual meeting of the company or any other event.


Here is download link for this Calendar Template in MS Word format.

One more useful Calendar Template for the year of 2020.


Here is download link for this Calendar Template,



The most important thing about a daily planner is that it helps us to organize the work we do on regular basis. It’s quite possible that you do different tasks all day long and still at the end of each day, you end up with some pending jobs and if you use a daily planner for the planning, you will be able to complete all the tasks each day along with some extra time which you can spend with a friend or your family. Using this planner, you actually increase your memory strength as now you don’t have to try hard to remember everything and you can just look up to the planner to see what the next task is that you have to do. This way you also increase your productivity as now you can perform more tasks on daily basis in lesser time. As you increase your productivity, you get appreciated by your employer which keeps you motivated to do more.

Here is a couple of more Calendar Templates,







Key Elements to make an Effective Daily Planner:

  • Put details for every task:
    According to the task, it’s important to provide some specifications for the task too. As it’s possible that even you remember it now but when you will actually start the task, you won’t remember every little detail. For example, “clean the office” is not enough but you have to specify about what kind of cleanliness you want to do like arranging the files in a new colored manner, getting rid of old or dead flowers or throwing out the old and useless files.
  • Use technology if possible:
    We are not saying that you always use everything digital or look out for technologies every time you want to perform something but in daily planning, if you use a software instead of using paper and pen, it will be more effective as now you will write lesser and a lot of work is already done by the software.
  • Arrange the tasks in such a manner as you want to perform them:
    As you write your tasks in a daily planner, you have some idea in mind about which task needs to be done early and which task can wait for a while. Tasks like meeting someone or attending some conference needs to have priority on the tasks like shopping or going for a party.
  • Make every task clear:
    It’s important that you organize or plan within minutes which doesn’t give you much time to describe each and every task but it will be a lot worse when you see a task and don’t know what it’s referring to. That’s why it’s important that you describe the task with a few extra words so that you don’t have think hard to remember that task.


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