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English Lesson Plan Template

The lesson plan is such tool by which the teacher decides the study scheme for the class. A lesson plan enables the teacher to teach according to the set pattern and according to the covered and uncovered lessons. A lesson plan is pre-planned information in sequence and a teaching advancement for each class time. A lesson plan provides the teacher a series of activities to use in his/her class including procedure and method of teaching. It is a thinking of many people that to enter such a room which is full of strangers and try to socialize with those strangers might be scary, particularly if the teacher has to use a foreign language. The obstacles to ‘breaking the ice’ in such circumstances are just psychological as linguistic which is why this lesson intend to acquire student’s ideas about the condition through a quiz-based conversation as much as talking and practicing the skill of initial dialogue in the company of unfamiliar persons.

The teacher of English language can increase his/her knowledge and confidence by discussion with a number of the psychological matters linked with preliminary conversations with strangers and exercise some functional phrases for starting a discussion and leaving a discussion. The teacher should extract from the class whether any person has experience of attending an occasion where approximately all the other attendees were unfamiliar persons for example a seminar; a social event where people from many companies get together for something to eat or drink in order to make new contacts, outdoor training course in which not one structured within a single company, formal party. If the students have inadequate familiarity of such dealings, draw out some events that they might be there in their future livelihood. The teacher should talk about with the class how easy or hard it was or would be for them to initiate a dialogue with unfamiliar persons. Tell them also how it might be easier or more complicated to do this in English.

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English Lesson Plan Template

Split the class into pairs or little groups, and distribute copies of the cross-examine in which the teacher should elicit the meanings of different phrases like braking the ice and the meanings should contain the complete thought of the phrase whether this phrase used to breaking the cover of ice on the water in order to let boats to travel by water across it or the metaphorical meanings which includes, to breaking the initial barrier between strangers in order to allow a natural conversation to start. The teacher should make sure students to understand that the objective of the quiz, which is to produce a healthy environment for conversation rather than to locate the correct answers. After such exam the students should consequently talk about each other’s answers which they mentioned in the quiz. And after this the teacher should bring out from the class several approaches for leaving a conversation. Distribute the worksheets so that every student has a copy. Now students have to work alone to complete the three short dialogues using the words from the box at the side.

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