14 Free Invitation Templates

Allow me to share with you several of our Free Party Invitation Templates in MS Word format for your kind review.

Arranging a party is full of fun and excitement. However when it comes to sending invitations, it is always hard to quickly prepare professional looking party invitation cards or flyers.

Party Invitation Templates

Here are our Free Party Invitation Templates that you can download and start making professional looking party invitation templates today. These are actually two templates. Here are there previews and links to download,

Party Invitation Template 1

Here is an attractive Party Invitation template that can easily grab your guests attention.


This is a great looking party invitation template. People who love to see roses can appreciate this template much more. Click the link below to download this free party invitation template.



Party Invitation Template 2

Checkout this Party Invitation Template that we created specially for our website visitors. You can download and then customize them by drag & drop to adjust the layout as per your own requirements.

A gift oriented themed template perfect for birthday and/or anniversary celebration. Click the link below to download this free party invitation template.


Please let us know about your views on these free party invitation templates.

Wedding Invitation Templates

Here goes Free Wedding Invitation Templates that almost everyone is looking for. Wedding is a life time event and always became very critical even for everyone’s life. Its celebration is always started with a Wedding Invitation card or letter. Here are our Free Wedding Invitation Templates to help you quickly create some professional yet creative Wedding Invitation Templates,

Wedding Invitation Template 1

Here is preview of one of our Wedding Invitation Templates in MS Word format. You can use MS Word to customize this template easily. All graphical elements, images and text items are editable as well as movable to any other place. Just click on it and then pick & drop it to another location.


Here is download link for this Wedding Invitation Template,



Wedding Invitation Template 2

Here is download link,

Wedding Invitation Template 3

Here is download link,

Shower Invitation Templates


Inviting guests on a Shower Event is always a fun part of life. Since Shower parties are full of excitement and enjoyment hence its crucial that its invitation should also reflect the same feelings. There are several types of Shower Events such as Bridal Shower, Baby Shower etc. Here are some shower invitation templates to assist you in creating a professional looking design quickly. One of them is a Bridal Shower Invitation Template while the second one is Baby Shower Invitation Template.

Here are previews and download links of these Shower Invitation Templates,

Baby Shower Invitation Template


Bridal Shower Invitation Template


Baby Shower Invitation Templates

A Baby Shower Event is nothing but a day of excitement and happiness. Baby Shower Invitations are always read with delight and a smile on everyone’s face. People love to gather for Baby Shower Parties and play Baby Shower related games such as Take a Stroll, Stepsister etc. At this occasion, it is very important that Baby Shower Invitation must have been prepared using a professional template. A poorly designed baby shower invitation may lead to disappointment among the participants. Let us share with you a baby shower invitation template. Here is its preview,


And here is its download link,

Here is another template that can assist you the birth announcement when it comes.


Download this Baby Birth Announcement Template here,

Holiday Invitation Templates

Do you need some Holiday Invitation Templates to create great looking Holiday Invitations on this summer? Here are two best quality Holiday Invitation Templates that you need to create your very own distinctive invitations. One of them is created using MS Word 2003 while the second one is created using MS Word 2007. You can choose to download one or both based upon your installed version of MS Word.

Holiday Invitation Template 01

Here is preview and download links of both Holiday Invitation Templates,


Holiday Invitation Template 02


Family Reunion Invitation Template

When it comes a time for a Family Reunion, here is our Sample Family Reunion Invitations template to assist you quickly create professional quality Family Reunion Invitations. This Family Reunion Invitation template consists of two parts: Cover Page and the Insider for invitation body. This is very important to start your invitation with a cool look and feel while a professional quality inner body is also next to none.

This template includes critical information such as Date, Venue, RSVP and What needs to bring in while coming on this beautiful even of Family Reunion. This check list will help participants to fully prepared for this event and hence enjoy to the fullest.

Here is preview of this free family reunion invitation template,

Here is download links,

Download Family Reunion Invitation Cover Page

Halloween Party Invitation Template

Halloween parties are a mode of excitement and entertainment for adults and children alike. All of us look forward t the event as it gives us an opportunity to just let things go and enter the world of fantasy where we can be anything we want to be and do whatever we want to do while the children take pleasure in the horrors that are planned for them. While planning a Halloween party we pay special attention to an elaborate setting and work hard but the one thing that remains neglected is the Halloween party invitation. People just do not seem to think that it is important that invitations are something different instead of being simply a piece of paper. You can change this trend by paying equal attention to the invitations you set out for your party.

Halloween Invitation Tips

When you decide to give a party for Halloween the first thing you do is prepare a guest list. The next step for you should be to select the party invitations. There are various ideas available on the internet and you can browse for inspiration. You may take ideas from the internet but it will be much more interesting if you use these ideas to prepare something unique. The invitation cards will have to be a symbol of everything your party is going to be which is why you can cut them in the shape of bones and skeleton or witches or even vampires. It can be anything you like but it must be something that will intrigue people and they will be excited to come to your party. Expectations will be high and this will make your Halloween party more interesting. Include all the details in your party invitations like where the party will be held and at what time and day. You can also use some quotes related to Halloween or simply some scary messages to make your invitations seem more exciting.

Here is a professional looking Halloween Party Invitation Template created using MS Word,

Halloween Party Invitation Template

Halloween Party Invitation Template 1

Here is download link for this Halloween Party Invitation Template,


A lot of hard work goes in planning a party and you want your efforts to be appreciated. For that to happen you need to make sure that you have not been callous in any aspect of the preparations and the Halloween invitations are an integral part. Your invitations should give out the message that you are looking forward to the presence of each and every guest and you will make it worth their time. This is what the purpose of invitation is. It is a means to let people know that their presence is valued and your party will just not be the same without them. Your invitations should be such that people use it for inspiration and keep it with them for years to come as a memory of something that was different and worth valuing. Your invitations can speak volumes if you allow them. Deliver each invitation personally and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results that occur.

Graduation Party Invitation Flyer Template

There are hardly any words in the vocabulary that can even begin to describe the feelings of a person on his or her graduation day. It is a huge day for them as it is the mark of the beginning of a new world, wherein they will make their own decisions, earn their own living and strive to make their places in the world. There cannot be a prouder moment for any parent than seeing their child standing on the stage with the graduation cap and degree. It is a moment every parent dreams of. Since this day is such a huge milestone it seems natural that it will be commemorated in style in the presence of all family and friends. Graduation parties are an excellent way to wave a farewell to the life that has passed and welcome the future that is about to unfold.

An Invitation to be Remembered

In such a big and important event, you would want everything to be perfect. There cannot be flaws in any aspect be it the menu, decors, or anything else. One very important thing to be arranged is the graduation party invitations. Sometimes, we get so engrossed in preparing for the extravagant and stylish party that we forget to pay attention to the invitations. You must not forget that the invitation card is something that will prompt the people to attend your party. Your card must be the epitome of happiness that you are feeling and must make them feel that you genuinely want them to be a part of all the celebrations. A lot can be conveyed from the invitation cards and thus you must make sure that the invitations you select a mirror to your feelings. There are many themes which you could go for your graduation party invitation. It seems customary that the cover of the invitation has a graduation photo. There are various samples available all over the net. You can either purchase the cards or if you want to give it a personal touch, design your own card.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Graduation Party Invitation Flyer Template created using MS Word,

Graduation Party Invitation Flyer

Don’t Miss Out on Details

While it is important that you keep your invitation unique, it is equally important that you have given all the details of the event in the card correctly including time, venue, the activities you have planned and much more. It will be a good idea if you include a personal message in the invitations that will convey the message to your guests that you will deeply be gratified and joyous on their presence in your party. Graduation parties come only once and if you want your graduation party to be remembered and cherished, you need to pull up your socks form the very beginning. While it has become common to give invitations on email or via an express service, in my opinion, personally delivering an invitation would have different impact all together and all the time that is surfed ion it will be worth it. Celebrate your graduation in style and include all your loved ones in the memorable day of your life.

Here is download link for this Graduation Party Invitation Flyer,


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