Playhouse Plan Template

Most people complain about their kids not staying at home and always spending time in the backyard or in the street with neighbor kids and whenever they try to keep them inside, they just start crying. They don’t understand that if you have no choice of enjoyment or playing in your house, how can you ask your kids to stay at home and don’t spend time with other kids in the street where they have much more chances of enjoyment and fun games. If you want your kids to stay at home and don’t go out, you need to provide them with some playing options and the most interesting option is to build them a playhouse where they can spend their time working on school tasks and playing with their toys.

Playhouses are a little expensive to build and they cost some maintenance work too so you shouldn’t build separate playhouses for your daughter and son but both of them can play in the same playhouse and enjoy it equally. You can dedicate each side of the house to one kid where he can put his stuff and design it according to his choices and preferences. Playhouses are usually built with wooden panels and posts that are glued or nailed together but there are many other options for you to keep in mind wooden playhouses are the least expensive as compared to other types of houses.

Free Playhouse Plan Template:

Look at the below preview of our Printable Playhouse Plan Template created using MS Word.

Playhouse Plan Template 1

Playhouse Plan Template 2

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Building a Playhouse for Kids:

There are two options for you in order to build a playhouse for your kids; you can build it inside or outside either in front or backyard. Yes if you build the playhouse outside, it is more fun for kids but keep in mind that this way, you will need to waterproof the house for weather conditions and also need to put a radiator in there too. Also, the playhouses in open places need more maintenance work and you usually need to paint the houses every year in order to keep them useful and durable. On the other hand, indoor playhouses are more secure where you can keep eye on your kids but it is less interesting for the kids. So in order to make it more interesting, you should build the playhouse in another separate corner of the house rather than putting it in the kid’s room.

Advantages of Tree Houses:

The types of playhouses that we have discussed here are the ones that are built on the ground but there is another more interesting type of playhouse it’s not suitable for kids under age 13 and it’s a playhouse on a tree or tree house. Tree houses are more fun for the kids as they can use a ladder to climb up the tree and enjoy time with their friends on a tree with a roof and floor. This is more fun for the kids when there is raining outside and they eat hot pizza in their tree house while enjoying the rain. But a playhouse on a tree costs more as compared to the other two types of trees and the maintenance work is also way more expensive.


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