Press Release Templates

Press releases are official announcements that are stated by companies and organizations to print, television, and radio media. A press release can be both factual and address to some specific population or it can be a general announcement of a new product for the whole world. Some companies use it to announce changes in their companies or businesses whereas others use it as a means of advertisement for a new or upcoming product. Most companies ask within their organization to write a press release but some also hire an outsourcing agency that writes it for them. A press release is a type of post that contains a number of different information about the company, a product, or a service that it’s offering.

Elements of a Perfect Press Release:

A perfect press release contains a lot of ingredients and you should do a number of tasks before you compose the actual press release. Things such as:

  • A little research about the people who will receive it and read it.
  • According to the selected population, selection of the appropriate keywords.
  • Putting some benefits for the readers in the press release.
  • Creating a mind-blowing and unique headline.
  • Adding photos to make it more interesting as the visuals capture attention quickly.
  • Proofreading as many times as it’s possible.
  • Contact addresses i.e. email address or phone number, at the end so that readers can contact you.

Free Press Release Templates:

Our Press Release TemplateTemplates allows you to quickly create professional-looking Linear Press Releases. So check out the previews below before downloading.



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General Tips to write a Perfect Press Release:

  • First and the most important thing is, to put a unique and attractive headline. The headline is the first thing that the reader notices and it’s the same thing that convinces him to read the entire paragraph(s).
  • There is no need for a contextual situation and you should get to the point right at the beginning of the first paragraph. Most people won’t have that much time to understand the main purpose or theme of the press release and some of them won’t read the whole writing just because it’s difficult to find out the main reason for the writing.
  • Make your press release more authenticated by providing solid numbers and proof of what you are suggesting or revealing. If you are introducing a new trend, you should add reviews of famous or known personalities so that it looks more professional.
  • If it’s possible, provide the references or your sources of information so that if someone has a doubt, he or she can verify the facts or figures.
  • One page is fine but if you really want to discuss something in detail, two pages are more than enough.
  • Include your personal and contact information at the end of the press release such as your name, email address, and a link to some online source where the reader can read it or refer it to someone else.
  • Once you have completed the writing, the most important thing to do is to proofread it and eliminate grammatical and spelling mistakes. No matter how much research you conducted or how authenticated the facts are, if you have spelling mistakes or your grammar is not that good; people will immediately lose interest in it.


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