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Letterhead Template

A letterhead is just a piece of stationary which is used for both internal and external communication in an organization. A letterhead is like a face of the company which represents it in the market and people actually remember most of the companies by their unique letterheads. Letterheads are used to send business proposals, sales or price quotations, appointment letters, promotion letters, services termination letter and sending purchase orders to other parties as well as using it to write a reference letter for someone else. A letterhead is a must for every organization and company as it creates a brand image of your business. Many professionals deny it, but it’s a reality that a letterhead serves as an advertisement source for your company. Also when a company uses its letterhead, it’s more authenticated and clients prefer it over a simple paper. Also when you receive a receipt or purchase order printed or a letterhead, it’s easy to claim it in the court if any misunderstanding or dispute takes place.

Letterhead Template is MS Word 2013 template that can be used to prepare professional looking letterheads without paying a single penny to anyone. This is a great template that allows you to edit it quickly and gear as many letterhead as you want. Here is its preview,

Letterhead Template

Here is download link,

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