Sunday , September 20 2020

15 Free Business Proposal Templates

Business in this era is not easy, as you have to face fierce competition in the market. Accurate marketing techniques and strategic alliances are important for the success of the business. The triumph and collapse of the business may depend on its ability to get contracts or to attract other …

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22+ Free School Degree Certificate Templates

School Degree Certificate Template

School Degree Certificate is a proof that the student is eligible to attend an institution of higher education to get another degree or certification. Every school has its own rules and regulations to grant school degree certificate to students, usually it is granted to the students at the completion of …

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Free Restaurant Menu Templates


Here is our collection of Free Restaurant Menu Templates. No matter what sort of Restaurant you are running or how huge your menu is, choose the restaurant menu template that you like most and just fill in your information to use it. Print as many copies as you want and …

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9 Free Calendar Templates (High Quality)


Printable Calendar Templates in Microsoft Word Format enables every businessman to plan his day effectively. People sent us demands to upload a free daily planner printable so that they can easily manage their routine work easily. Our team has found this one the best for your needs. An employed person …

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6 Free Project Task List Templates

Project Task Assignment Template 01

Here are several Free Project Task List Templates in MS Word format to guide you in preparing your own Task List quickly. Managing Project Tasks, is a process in which the administrator or supervisor of a project, assigns different tasks to different employees and workers. This also involves allocating resources …

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11 Free Appreciation Certificate Templates

Appreciation Certificate Template 01

Here are several Free Appreciation Certificate Templates that can be used to create a certificate to use at schools or businesses. Such letters or certificates of appreciation for a student or employee’s performance is needed to acknowledge his/her efforts. Most of these templates are prepared using MS Word Format and …

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9 Free Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates

Download these Free Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates in MS Word format to study and edit in order to draft your own legal agreement quickly. When a company wants to protect its intellectual property, inventions, techniques and secrets from outside the company and competitors, it signs employee non-disclosure agreement with the …

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Press Release Templates & Samples

Press Release Template

Press releases are official announcements that are stated by companies and organizations to print, television and radio media. A press release can be both factual and address to some specific population or it can be a general announcement of a new product for the whole world. Some companies use it …

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Free Shipping Label Templates

Shipping Label Template

Here are some Shipping Label Templates created keeping in mind special needs of merchandisers so that they can easily create their needed Shipping Labels for bigger packets or cartons. These Shipping Label Templates are created using MS Word 2013 or later to help an average MS Word User to edit …

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