Rental Agreement Templates

Are you going to get involved in a contract with your renter? You must be in need of a professional Rental Agreement Template in order to draft your own Rental Agreement. Here is a collection of free Rental Agreement Templates and Application Forms that anyone can easily use/edit to sign a secure and comprehensive Rental Agreement. All these Contract Agreements are created using MS Word and hence you will find it quite handy to edit at will. While preparing your own Rental Agreement using one of these samples actually give you freedom to save a lot of your time in picking up standard terms & conditions for your legal agreement. It is strongly recommended that you shall study at least a couple of different Sample Agreements in details before finalizing your very own.

Rental Agreement Format Guidelines

Usually, a professional Rental Agreement contains following key information,

  • Property Information
  • Property Owner Information
  • Renter Details
  • Standard Terms of operation
  • Rent Details such as Amount and Time Period (Monthly or Annually)
  • Contract Renewal Procedure
  • Contract Termination Procedure


Rental Agreement MS Word Template

Here is preview of a free sample Rental Agreement Template created by our staff,

Rental Agreement Template

Here its download link for this Rental Agreement Template,

Free Rental Agreement Forms

Here is a very detailed and professional Rental Agreement Form in MS Word format that can allow you to print and prepare Rental Agreements quickly. This is particularly important in situations where clients fill-up such forms as Rental Application and its up to the owner of the property to approve on his discretion.

Here is preview of this Rental Agreement Form in MS Word format.

Rental Application Template 02

Here is download link for this Free Rental Agreement Form.

Should you need to explore more choices, then checkout following Rental Agreement Application Form in MS Word to assist you. You can easily modify it and print to place in your front desk office for interested clients to fill-in and submit quickly. Optionally, you can also ask for money to sell such Forms as and if demands increases.

Here is preview of this wonderful Rental Agreement Application Form.

Rental Application Form

Download link is bellow.

Still not clear about what you are looking for? Checkout following Rental Agreement Form designed and used by professional real estate companies. This Rental Form can easily give you best view as how a real world Application Form look like. Obviously, you need to modify it before using for your own purpose as its been already in use by them.

Preview of this Professional Rental Application Form.

Rental Application Form 02

Here is download link for this Rental Agreement Form in MS Word format.

One more Rental Agreement Form in the form of questionnaire to quickly guide you in preparing a professional agreement. This is a pretty in details Form that can actually guide a client as what exactly he is looking for and what should expect from the property he is interested in. An added benefit of such Agreements is that a renter has to go through all terms & conditions while filling them to understand and then answer. This way, no surprises will come later one when one or more of relevant terms are enforced by the Property owner.

Here is preview of this Rental Agreement Form in MS Word format.

Rental Application Form 03

Please click on the button bellow to start downloading this Rental Agreement in ZIP Format. You need to extract it to find out the MS Word DOCX file format.

House Rental Agreement Samples

If you own a House and want to rent it out Or interested to rent a house from someone, here is an excellent Rental Agreement Sample for our to assist. It contains all standard terms & conditions that any professional Rental Agreement should have to satisfy both party concerns. Since its available in MS Word format so its quite easy and handy to edit as per situation and requirements. Just read it out carefully and highlights areas where you want modification and then do changes as suits you.

Its a good habit however to always consult your attorney before signing a deal as it can save a day for you. Relying 100% on one or two Sample Agreements wouldn’t be a wise decision.  Checkout preview of this Rental Agreement for Residential Lease for your quick assistance.

Residential Lease Agreement Template

Here is download link for this Residential Lease Agreement Sample in MS Word format.

Simple Room Rental Agreement Sample

Here is a good looking and brief Room Rental Agreement Template in MS Word format to help you sign a Room Rental Agreement. This is the most easiest way for anyone to rent out one or more rooms of his/her house for an extra income. Such agreement templates are usually brief and not in very detailed as most of the involved parties are not feeling comfortable to go into transaction details.

Checkout preview of this Room Rental Agreement.

Room Rental Agreement Template

Download link for this Room Rental Agreement Template.