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Professional, Creative and Modern Resume Templates

Are you looking for a good career ahead? You need to search for a good job and submit a Perfect Resume to win a chance for an Interview to convince further.

We offer several Professional, Creative and Modern Job Based Resume Templates in MS Word to assist you in this very task.

While creating a stunning resume, first step is to choose an appropriate Resume Template from this collection. You can find all types of resumes here starting from simple resume templates to creative and modern to satisfy your requirements. You can also choose job-based resume templates as per your target industry or company.

Let’s share with your all of our ms word resume templates to help you choose the most suitable for your job hunt.

Creative Yet Professional Resume Templates

If you are not sure where to start, let me suggest you to choose the most eye catching template that catches your attention at first. If it attracts your eyes, it will definitely attract others too. Here are a few such resume layouts for your quick review.

Creative Resume Template 01
Creative Resume Template 02
Creative Resume Template 03


Creative Resume Template 04
Creative Resume Template 05
Creative Resume Template 06


Creative Resume Template 07
Creative Resume Template 08
Creative Resume Template 09


Creative Resume Template 10
Creative Resume Template 11
Creative Resume Template 12

Modern Resume Templates

With the advancement of technology, it is unavoidable to adopt modern practices while writing a professional resume. Let me share with you some of the great Modern Resume Templates that can make your resume stand out in a crowd.


Modern Resume Template 01
Modern Resume Template 02
Modern Resume Template 03


Modern Resume Template 04
Modern Resume Template 05
Modern Resume Template 06


Modern Resume Template 07
Modern Resume Template 08
Modern Resume Template 09


Modern Resume Template 10
Modern Resume Template 11
Modern Resume Template 12

Basic & Simple Resume Templates

Sometimes, it is good to be simple and clean when it comes to submitting your resume for a professional grade job. Highly professional jobs such as Financial, Academic and Legal Jobs requires its candidates to submit professional yet basic resumes. You can download our following Basic Resume Templates to create your own professional resume in minutes.


Basic Resume Template 01
Basic Resume Template 02
Basic Resume Template 03


Basic Resume Template 04
Basic Resume Template 05
Basic Resume Template 06


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Resume Writing Guidelines

While writing your resume, keep following guidelines in your mind to help you come up with a professional job winning resume.

  • Resume Length
  • Resume Objectives
  • Resume Skills
Usually, one page Resume attracts employers more than long and multiple pages resume. However in case of experienced candidate, a longer resume can be more attractive that a short and concise resume. So based upon your job designation and required experience, you can choose appropriate length.
Resume Objective is quite critical and is usually considered as first impression to a potential employer.
Remember, you shall list down your Key Skills related to Employer’s Job Posting in order to qualify for that job.


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