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Here are some general purpose Packing List Templates that can suit any purpose you want. It allows you to define Ship To and Ship From addresses as well as items to be shipped along with their quantity. Finally it allows you to write down size and weight of the cartons if applicable.

What is a Packing List?

A packing list which is also called a packing slip or shipment slip, is an official document which is delivered with each shipment or delivery and this list shows all the details of the delivery; i.e. items, quantity, price etc. this list is sent by the vendor or shipper and the key purpose of this list is to inform the receiver about the parcel without opening it so that there is no misunderstanding or error in the delivery. With the help of this list, the receiver gets to know about the items included in the shipment, quantity of each item, a small description and weight of each item along with their prices.

As this list contains the price of each item and a gross amount at the end, some companies also use it as an invoice. On one hand, this list shows the receiver the amount that he or she owes to the shipper and on the other hand, it serves as evidence if there is something wrong with the delivery or the consumer wants to return or exchange it. When the shipper sends the delivery, it’s not uncommon if the parcel is lost in the way over to the receiver or the buyer’s address is wrong and the delivery guy is standing in front of a wrong person. With the help of this packing list, it’s very easy to track the shipment because of a unique slip or list number printed on the slip.

Here is preview of this Packing List Template,

Packing List Template

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Checkout another good looking professional Packing List Template available for free download.

Packing List Template 02

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If you are travelling and need a Travel Packing List or kind of a Checklist. There here is one very useful for your requirements. I am sure you are going to get all common things there that anyone need during a travel.

Packing List Template 03

Another complete Travel Packing List Sample for your review.

Packing List Template 04

If you are going on a Safari Trip and looking for a checklist to manage your Camping Trip. Here is one useful Camping Packing List Sample for your review.

Packing List Template 05

Packing List Template 06

Here is a list of the necessary elements that a packing list must contain such as:

Key Elements of a Packing List:

  • The company the shipment is from.
    • Company log
    • Company’s information like address, phone number, fax and email.
    • The receiver’s information.
      • Receiver’s name
      • His complete address along additional details like phone numbers and postal code.
      • Buyer’s order number for future reference.
    •  Information about the included items.
      • The quantity of items
      • Net weight of each item along with gross weight of the box
    • Other necessary information.
      • The date the buyer ordered the items
      • Date the shipment was made by the sender
      • Details of by what means the order was shipped
      • The estimated time of delivery
    • Comments (if any)
      • If the items inside are fragile then the shipment should contain a note by the sender in order to keep the items safe.
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Everyone is going to travel and when it comes to travel, you must need a Travel Packing List. Here is our Travel Packing List Template to help you quickly preparing your packing list without missing anything. This Packing list Template is creating using Microsoft Word 2003. Other than this template, we do have some useful advice for you,

  • Don’t forget your passport and tickets 🙂
  • Make sure you have a small first aid box
  • Double check your clothes and specially under garments
  • While traveling, you must have enough cash or a credit card with you
  • Always keep a torch and a small piece of rope with you.

Here is preview of a Free Travel Packing List Template created using MS Word,

Travel Packing List Template

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