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An effective staff memo is really very important to be drafted as it helps in motivating the staff to take the actions recommended in the memo against any specific issue.

A staff memo is drafted for informing the members working in an organization about any specific issue, that encourages them to take an action. These issues can be any event, a policy and even a resource. Basically, the word memo came out of memorandum and the meaning of the memorandum is to remember something or keeping it in mind. Writing an effective staff memorandum requires a little hard work. Some guidelines for writing a readable memo to the staff are:

Always write the heading segment:

It should always be specified in the memo that who is it for and who sent it. It must be started with a heading segment and there must be included an exact and complete date and the subject matter of the memo in the heading segment. The heading segment  must be written with the following format:

To: Name of the recipients, along with their jobs.

From: Name and job title of the person drafting that staff memo.

Date: Exact date when the memo is drafted.

Subject: Always highlight in the subject that what the memo is about.

The readers must always be addressed by their exact names instead of their nicknames, so that they do not face any kind of difficulty in understanding the memo. While constructing the headline of the memorandum, double space must be given between the sections and the text must also be aligned.

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