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Memorandum is usually less formal than the other contracts and typically, they include a very few details and complexities. They are way more formal than the handshake agreements, that are usually known as the gentlemen’s agreements. Usually, the ultimate reason of drafting a memo of understanding is that it is found more flexible than the other contracts. Memorandum of understanding gives a very clear idea of understanding anything as it is defined as ‘some general area of understanding’ that is available between some party of people. These memos are drafted for very common purposes that state common goals of the parties and the people. For example, there are two agencies with same goals or having a common aim, they may agree to work with one another to support each other and solve each other problems as well by using a memorandum of understanding. A memorandum is considered nothing more than any formalized handshake. The written memos always reflect the creative analytical thinking of the people or the parties.


18 Free Memo Templates & Format Guidelines

Memo Template

A Memo is used to communicate an important announcement and/or news among staff members in a department or organization. Such documents help people remain up to date with current company affairs. A memo template helps anyone to quickly create professional yet creative memos quickly and efficiently. Memorandum is described as …

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