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Do you need to create a professional memo for your office or department? Here are basic Memo Format & Templates that can help you write few lines and print a fully professional yet simple Memo. These Memo Templates are created using MS Word 2013 or latest, so that all users can easily tailor it as per their needs. Be very careful to see all placeholder text and fill in accordingly.

What is a Memo?
A Memo is a short name of Memorandum. A Document that records an announcement, event, explanation, understanding and/or some business transaction to assist later on. Memos can be interoffice or intra-office. The nature of Memo depends upon the situation and target audience.

Key Elements of a Memo Format
Here are some key elements that every Memo Format must have to qualify for standard meanings of memorandum.

  • To  {Represent Audience}
  • From  {The Memo Generator}
  • CC  {Place CC if any}
  • Date { Date of Memo}
  • Subject {Precise sentence stating the subject of Memo}
  • Body {Describe details here in official language}

18 Free Memo Templates & Format Guidelines

Memo Template

A Memo is used to communicate an important announcement and/or news among staff members in a department or organization. Such documents help people remain up to date with current company affairs. A memo template helps anyone to quickly create professional yet creative memos quickly and efficiently. Memorandum is described as …

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