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Meeting agenda is a document that enlist various topics for discussion in a business meeting. Preparing a professional meeting agenda is an art and it  demands technique and expertise. Meeting agenda has to be comprehensive, precise and accurate. Make sure it cannot stray or digress from the core objective of the meeting.

Meeting Agenda

A core issue that everyone is dealing while preparing a meeting agenda is, how to make a sequence of topics to discuss in the business meeting. A good sequence or arrangement plan can help to increase productivity as well as save a lot of time. You need to give maximum time and focus to your core issues.

Mixing your meeting agenda topics without an effective plan can result in spoiling meeting outcome. Such situation can cause dispute and disagreement in meeting participants. Usually it becomes the bone of contention between managers who shoulder the responsibility of planning meeting agenda. That is because every manager who is involved in creating the conference agenda wants to give priority and preference to the topic, which he or she thinks, is the most important.

An HR manager can give undue importance to recruitment and hiring considering it as the only means for improved company profits. A Marketing manager might emphasize a boost in sales to be the answer to the question of how to push up profits. In the process, the Marketing manager will accentuate the importance of providing sales training to employees over all other issues just as the HR Manager may underscore recruitment of the right people over and above everything else.

Each manager is bound to stress his or her own sphere of activity while preparing conference agenda. Because each manager is concerned most about his or her own department. Better departmental results mean a promotion for the department’s manager! Hence, personal ambitions automatically crop up when managers put their heads together in order to frame realistic, necessary and relevant meeting agenda.

Marketing Meeting Agenda Template

Marketing Meeting Agenda

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