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Usually the legal memo is drafted by a lawyer, but professional people can also draft it if they try to think like a lawyer and refer laws on every issue.

Legal Memo:

The basic purpose of writing a legal memo is to give guidelines and educate the readers the law that is relevant to any particular issue or problem and explaining them how to apply that law. A legal memorandum is basically a document and it is always drafted by a lawyer for providing benefits to his clients. The purpose of this document is to explain the reader the specific area of law, analyzing the given fact pattern according to that law and also making a recommendation about the course of action based on this analysis. Any educated person can draft a legal memorandum, but it is very important for that person to think like a lawyer while drafting it. This actually means that the person drafting it must pay proper attention towards the detail of the issue. The personal emotions of the lawyer must be kept aside and he should thoroughly research about that issue so that he can gain understanding about that law that needs to be applied. Following steps must be followed for writing a good legal memorandum:

Understand the Legal Memo Format:

Lawyers usually do not write the legal memorandums in a vacuum. A legal memo is written  for giving an answer to the particular law question.

Review the Document:

The file should contain all the basic information about the issue that needs to be solved by applying a certain law to it. The lawyer must go through all the information entered in the file very carefully without missing even a slightest detail as it can result in reaching to a wrong conclusion. Nothing in the file should be dismissed out of hand.

Make an outline of the facts:

A list of the facts that is relevant to that issue must be stated in that file either it is against that position or in favor to it. Making outline of the facts can also be helpful in noting down the location of the source of each and every fact for the reference in the future.

Do proper research on the relevant law:

The source about the relevant law that needs to be applied for the issue mentioned in the legal memo must be researched properly at first. The review of the law articles can be very much helpful in this regard. Specific statutes relevant to this case must be must be found. For any relevant law, internet, library books, and other means of seeking information must be used for applying the law correctly on the issue.

Make an outline of the work:

An outline must be created having the sections of To/From/Date/Subject, questions that have been presented, their short answers, all the facts, law, analysis and conclusion.

Fill up the outline:

After making the outline, it must be filled up properly by keeping in mind the audience that legal memo needs to be presented along with the exact date and the subject. A memo should be drafted user friendly and it should be easy to understand as well.

Proofread the memo:

After filling up the outline, discussing the issues and giving answers or solutions to them according to the particular law, the lawyer must proofread the memo at least once, so that he can make any changes in it before forwarding it.


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